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Xiaomi’s Electric Car Exceeds Sales Goals, Shakes Up Market

  • Xiaomi’s electric car, the SU7, has surpassed sales expectations by 3-5 times, according to CEO Lei Jun.
  • Priced at under $30,000, the SU7 undercuts competitors like Tesla’s Model 3 by $4,000, making it a budget-friendly option in the electric vehicle market
  • .Despite anticipated financial losses, Xiaomi is accelerating SU7 deliveries and focusing on regular software updates to enhance the customer experience.
  • Xiaomi plans to expand its electric vehicle lineup with upcoming models like the Max and Pro variants, indicating long-term commitment to the automotive sector.

Xiaomi, the big Chinese tech company, has surprised everyone with its new electric car, the SU7. CEO Lei Jun shared during an online event that the SU7 has sold way more than they expected—3 to 5 times more, to be exact. This big success shows that Xiaomi is serious about competing in the electric car world.

One reason for the SU7’s popularity is its price. Starting at less than $30,000, it’s a lot cheaper than similar cars, like Tesla’s Model 3, which saves buyers $4,000. This affordable price tag has caught the attention of people looking for a good deal on electric cars.

Even though Xiaomi expects to lose money on the SU7, they’re still pushing forward. They’re delivering the cars faster than planned, showing they’re committed to keeping customers happy.

During the online event, Lei Jun talked about how Xiaomi wants to keep improving the car’s software. They promise to give updates regularly so that the SU7 stays up-to-date with the latest tech features.Xiaomi isn’t stopping with just one electric car.


They’re planning to release more models soon, like the Max and Pro versions. While they didn’t say if they’re working on an SUV, they’re teaming up with Great Wall Motor, a big car company, showing they’re serious about growing in the car industry.

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