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Kia EV9 Now Offers NBA Display Themes

  • Kia introduces NBA Display Themes for 2024 EV9 owners.
  • Customizes car screens with NBA team colors and logos.
  • Available through over-the-air updates starting April 9.
  • Perfect timing for NBA playoffs starting April 20.

Kia just made driving a whole lot cooler for folks who love basketball. Now, if you own a 2024 EV9, you can jazz up your ride with NBA Display Themes. It’s like bringing the game with you wherever you go!

Starting April 9, EV9 owners can give their car’s screens a makeover with the colors and logos of their favorite NBA teams.

So, if you’re a diehard Golden State Warriors fan, you can deck out your screens in blue and yellow. And if you bleed Chicago Bulls red, black, and white, you can represent them too!

Steven Center, a big shot at Kia America, said, “We’re super excited to offer this update. It lets you mix your love for basketball with your love for your Kia.”


Plus, this update is just the start. Kia plans to bring more cool stuff like this to other models too. And you won’t need to buy a new car to get in on the fun. The update will come right to your car over the air, so you can stay up-to-date without leaving your driveway.

And get this: it’s only $39.99 to rep your team on your car’s screens. You can buy the themes through the Kia app or website. Pablo Martinez, a big cheese at Kia, said, “We’re all about giving our customers what they want. And we’re excited to bring even more fun stuff to Kia cars in the future.”

So, if you’re an NBA nut who loves their Kia, this update is a slam dunk!

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