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2025 Honda Prelude: Specifications, Interior, Pricing, and Release Date

The Honda Prelude has a 45-year history here in America. The car’s nameplate was originally introduced back in 1978 and lasted until about 2001, going through five generations.

Iit was in the 1980s when they had that great popup light headlight feature. I love the pop-up headlights, and it went for five generations. Very fascinating how a vehicle like that lasted through five generations, and then, guess what? Honda killed it off.

But here the nameplate is back. Now, the great news is Honda has stressed it’s not an EV like many people believed over in Tokyo. That this was going to be an EV. It is not. Now, it does have an electric component to it. It’s going to be hybrid power.

What’s New in the 2025 Honda Prelude?

What's New in the 2025 Honda Prelude?
What’s New in the 2025 Honda Prelude?

After being away for more than 20 years, the Honda Prelude is making a comeback in 2025. People are excited to see what’s in store for this iconic car’s return.


The 2025 Prelude will run on a mix of gas and electricity, making it more efficient and powerful. While we don’t know all the details yet, Honda’s known for making hybrid cars that perform well and save fuel.

The new Prelude looks modern but still pays tribute to its classic style. It has fancy LED lights and sleek lines that give it a cool, sporty look. Plus, there are some extra touches like carbon fiber parts and a spoiler to make it stand out.

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2025 Honda Prelude Concept

2023 Los Angeles International Auto Show i saw 2025 Honda Prelude Concept and here is my experience. So, what I want to find out is if you’re looking for a new sport compact car and you don’t want to break the bank, is this going to be worth the price? The new Prelude, when it comes to efficiency and driving experience.

Looking at the front end of this Prelude concept, it looks almost production-ready. It features a new LED headlight design with a LED light bar connecting the two headlights.

The lower front bumper area has carbon fiber accents, and there’s a distinct LED signature that adds to its modern appeal.

Underneath the hood, Honda confirms it will have a hybrid powertrain, though specifics are yet to be disclosed. Speculation suggests it might adopt the Accord and CRV hybrid powertrain, delivering around 204 horsepower. However, enthusiasts hope Honda will increase the power output for the Prelude, potentially reaching 250 or even 300 horsepower.

In terms of design, the proportions are sleek and beautiful. It resembles the size of a Civic Coupe, with gloss black multispoke wheels giving it a sporty look.

Now, as we come around the car, one of the things that they don’t need to pump up are the wheels and tires. And I kind of have to wiggle a little bit, but when making it happen, you’ll notice this production-ready wheel. Love the gloss black bespoke design all the way around. And you’ll also notice that when it comes to size, it’s a 20in wheel and it’s a 245 on the width. So pretty beefy width on the tire.

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Signature Lamp

Now, at the front of the business, I think Honda is doing a great job with their signature lighting. So, you’re going to have the signature daytime running lamp, and I love the way it actually flows actually on top of the inner headlight housing.

You have your LED projector beam headlights, and the way it intersects gives it a very sporty, modern look. Now, coming down the side, I love how smooth and clean everything is, and I hope that this is something that comes into the full production model. Is that nice, smooth, clean, no fake vents, nothing like that.

2025 Honda Prelude Interior

Now, on the interior, what you’re probably going to find is that 12.3 in infotainment system that is in the current Honda Accord, that upgraded infotainment system with the Amazon Alexa, with the Google Maps.

And then you’re going to have that 12.3 in digital gauge cluster. Going to be interesting to see exactly what the performance number is going to be.

Now, I know you’re probably saying, “Well, Joe, what about price?” I’m going to estimate that if this comes into full production, it would probably start around $31,000. That’s what I’m thinking based off of using some smarts on what’s available now.

But let’s continue. I think one of my favorite parts aesthetically is going to be how that flares out and that you have that functional vent right behind the front wheel.

You have your side skirt extension, which yes is carbon fiber. But remember like I said, this could be something that is an HPD accessory that you can buy at your dealership.

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Exterior & Features

One striking exterior feature is the flush-mounted door handles, contributing to the car’s aerodynamic profile. It’s got a sleek Coke bottle shape, exemplified by the rear fender’s subtle, smooth contour that seamlessly merges into the tail light and rear quarter panel.

As we shift our focus to the rear, you’ll notice the generous-sized rear glass extending from the roofline. If you’re curious whether this is a hatchback, it certainly appears to have the characteristics, with lines suggesting an intersecting glass.

This raises the question: could Honda utilize this shape for a potential Integra two-door coupe? It’s a tantalizing mystery surrounding the car’s future.

The LED lighting, reminiscent of the front signature lights, continues to impress. The carbon fiber rear spoiler adds a touch of sportiness, possibly becoming another sought-after HPD accessory.

Honda’s forward-thinking approach to electrification is evident with the illuminated Honda name, adding a touch of sophistication. With the Prelude name tracing back to 1978, it’s worth noting that the 1978 Prelude was the first Honda model to feature a sunroof.

Release Date of 2025 Honda Prelude

The release date for the 2025 Honda Prelude has not been officially announced. However, industry speculation suggests that production may commence in November 2024, with the vehicle potentially arriving at dealerships in the first quarter of 2025.

2025 Honda Prelude Price

The expected price range for the 2025 Honda Prelude is from approximately $29,000 to $39,000, varying based on the selected trim levels.

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