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Mazda Unveils Arata EV Concept, Hinting at Competing with Tesla Model Y in 2025

  • Mazda unveils Arata EV Concept at Beijing Auto Show, signaling entry into electric SUV market.
  • Arata concept hints at direct competition with Tesla’s Model Y, slated for release in 2025.
  • Mazda aims for a more promising electric future following mixed reception of MX-30.
  • Thuggish design features and distinctive elements set Arata apart, emphasizing robustness.

Mazda has set its sights on the electric vehicle market with the debut of its Arata EV Concept at the Beijing Auto Show. This thuggish-looking electric SUV hints at a direct competitor to Tesla’s Model Y, slated for release in 2025.

The Arata concept, while still in its preview stage, showcases Mazda’s commitment to electrification. Unlike its previous attempt with the MX-30, which received mixed reviews due to its quirky design and limited practicality, the Arata presents a more promising vision for Mazda’s electric future.

Unveiled alongside the production version of the EZ-6 sedan, the Arata is expected to hit the streets of China next year with a fully-electric powertrain. However, Mazda has remained mum on whether hybrid options or expansion into Western markets are in the cards.

Described by Mazda as embodying a fusion of “soulful + futuristic x modern” design elements, the Arata commands attention with its robust stance and distinctive features. Chunky doors and a recessed hood, reminiscent of Dodge’s electric Charger Daytona, contribute to its purposeful aesthetic.


While details on the interior and drivetrain remain under wraps, the illuminated branding on the exterior hints at Mazda’s attention to detail. However, not all design choices have been universally praised, with some questioning the illuminated “MAZDA” lettering on the sill panels.

Perhaps disappointing to some, Mazda has indicated that the Arata may be exclusive to the Chinese market. Collaborating with China’s Changan Automobile, Mazda has developed the Arata alongside the EZ-6, leveraging Changan’s expertise in electric SUVs.

With the rise of electric vehicles globally, the question remains: Will Mazda expand the availability of its Model Y challenger beyond China?

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