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Shelby American’s 2024 Super Snake Mustang Breaks Boundaries

  • Shelby American introduces the 2024 Super Snake, their first collaboration with the S650 Mustang, limited to just 250 units.
  • The Super Snake offers two potent engine options: a standard 480 horsepower and a supercharged 830-horsepower variant.
  • Performance upgrades include a redesigned suspension, unique wheels, Borla exhaust, stronger brakes, and improved cooling.
  • Manual transmission models feature a short-throw shifter and one-piece driveshaft for added driving excitement.
2024 shelby super snake
2024 shelby super snake

Shelby American just unveiled its newest creation: the 2024 Super Snake. And guess what? It’s the first time they’ve teamed up with the S650 Mustang. They’re only making 250 of these bad boys, so you better act fast if you want one.

Under the hood, you’ve got two options. One packs 480 horsepower, while the other pumps out a crazy 830 horses, thanks to a big 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger.

But it’s not just about power. The Super Snake also gets a bunch of upgrades like a new suspension, special wheels, a fancy Borla exhaust, better brakes, and improved cooling. And if you’re into stick shifts, you’ll love the short-throw shifter they throw in.

“We designed the Shelby Super Snake to be the pinnacle of our performance cars based on Ford’s world-class Mustang sports car,” remarked Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American, echoing the visionary ethos of the late Carroll Shelby. “It follows Carroll Shelby’s vision that each generation of car improves the breed.”


And it’s not just fast, it looks mean too. They’ve lightened it up with an aluminum hood, carbon-fiber front fenders, and a new front end. Plus, those wheels don’t just look cool, they also make the car lighter.

You also get to choose between a coupe and a convertible. Pick the coupe, and you’ll get a big rear wing. Go for the convertible, and you’ll get a sleek spoiler instead.

Inside, there’s not a ton of changes, just some Shelby logos instead of the usual Ford ones. But if you go for the manual, you’ll get a cool Shelby gear shifter.

They haven’t said how much it’ll cost yet, but production starts this summer. With only 250 up for grabs, you better start saving if you want to get your hands on one of these mean machines.

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