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Buick’s Stunning Electra-L Sedan and Shooting Brake Concepts

  • Buick revealed two electric car concepts at the Beijing Auto Show: the Electra-L Sedan and the Electra LT Shooting Brake.
  • The Electra-L Sedan targets luxury car lovers with its sleek design and impressive 435-mile range.
  • Its counterpart, the Electra LT Shooting Brake, offers a more adventurous vibe with raised suspension and extra storage space.

At the big car show in Beijing, Buick showed off two awesome new electric car designs. These cars, called the Electra-L Sedan and the Electra LT Shooting Brake, got everyone talking.

The Electra-L Sedan is like a fancy electric car for people who love luxury. It can go more than 435 miles (700 km) on a single charge, which is super impressive. It looks sleek and modern, with cool LED lights and hidden door handles. It’s built on a fancy platform called GM Ultium, which makes it even more special.

Then there’s the Electra LT Shooting Brake, which is like a cool adventure version of the sedan. It’s got a higher ride, so it can handle rough roads better. Plus, it has extra space on top for carrying stuff like surfboards or bikes. It’s all about being ready for fun trips.

Inside these cars, it’s like stepping into the future. The seats are super comfy and made from eco-friendly materials. The dashboard is all digital and fancy, with screens everywhere. There’s even a cool feature where a table pops up in the back so you can enjoy a snack or drink while on the road.


Under the hood, both cars have a powerful electric motor that can push them forward with 342 horsepower. That means they’re not just good-looking—they’re fast too. Buick hasn’t told us everything about the batteries yet, but they’re keeping some secrets for now.

We don’t know exactly when these cars will hit the streets in China, but when they do, they’ll be made by a company called SAIC-GM.

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