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Kia Recalls 2024 Sorento for Power Steering Issue

  • Kia America has issued a recall for certain 2024 Sorento models due to a power steering issue.
  • The problem stems from an incorrectly assembled wiring harness supplied by Mobis Alabama.
  • Symptoms include abnormal noises while turning the steering wheel and potential engine stalling.
  • Owners of affected vehicles, totaling 95 units produced between January 7 and February 28, will be notified for inspection and repair.

Kia Sorento owners! Heads up – Kia America has discovered a hiccup in some 2024 Sorento models that we want to fix ASAP. It seems that the power steering might act up due to a wonky wiring harness.

Here’s the scoop: The wiring harness that helps control the power steering might not have been put together quite right. If it gets damaged, it could mess with your power steering, especially when you’re driving slow.

But don’t sweat it too much – we’re on it! We’ve found out that the problem comes from a part made by Mobis Alabama. They supply stuff for Kia and Hyundai cars.

We got wind of this issue back in February when a Sorento started making funny noises and stalling out. Turns out, the wiring harness was rubbing against something it shouldn’t have been.


Now, we’re taking action. We’re calling back about 95 Sorentos made between January 7 and February 28 for a checkup. If your Sorento falls into this group, we’ll inspect it for any wiring damage. If we find any, we’ll fix it right up. And if everything looks good, we’ll just tweak the wiring to prevent any future problems.

We’re letting dealers know about this on April 26, and they’ll start reaching out to you about it by May 7.

Good news: if your Sorento rolled off the line after February 29, you’re in the clear. We’ve made sure those ones have the wiring all sorted out.

Despite this hiccup, the 2024 Sorento is still a great ride. It’s got a fresh look and starts at $31,990. Plus, there are some cool trims like the X-Line EX AWD, starting at $41,690, if you’re into that.

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