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Can Any Car Beat This? Czinger 21C Claims Top Spot as Fastest Hypercar!

The American automotive scene is on the brink of witnessing a significant milestone with the imminent delivery of the Czinger 21C, a hypercar that promises to redefine the boundaries of speed and design.

As a car news reporter, having tracked the development of the Czinger 21C from its concept stages to its final production, the anticipation surrounding this vehicle is unlike any other in recent history.

Developed by the LA-based Czinger Vehicles, the 21C is inspired by the formidable SR-71 Blackbird and is touted as the world’s first hypercar designed by human-AI collaboration and produced through 3D printing technologies.

This approach not only signifies a leap in automotive manufacturing but also showcases the innovative spirit driving the American hypercar industry forward.


The newly completed production facility in Torrance, California, dubbed ‘Area 21’, is where the Czinger 21C will come to life. With an initial run of 80 units already sold out, the production of the 21C is a testament to the market’s confidence in this hypercar’s promise.

The vehicle’s appeal is rooted in its unique synthesis of art and technology, offering both stunning aesthetics and groundbreaking performance.

At the core of the Czinger 21C is a hybrid powertrain featuring a 2.88-liter V8 engine with a flat-plane crank, twin turbochargers, and a redline at a dizzying 11,000 rpm.

This engine, in conjunction with electric motors on the front wheels, delivers a staggering 1,250 horsepower, with an optional widebody configuration that boosts this figure to 1,350 horsepower.

Performance-wise, the Czinger 21C is a beast on the track and the street. It boasts a feather-light curb weight of 2,756 lbs and can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in a mere 1.9 seconds.

The quarter-mile dash is completed in 8.1 seconds, and it can reach 186 mph in just 15 seconds, with the capability to perform a 0 to 248 mph sprint and back to 0 in 29 seconds.

But the ambitions of Czinger Vehicles extend beyond the 21C. The company has revealed plans to expand its lineup by 2030, including the introduction of a Hyper GT—a grand tourer that promises to marry luxury with performance, featuring two doors, four seats, and gull-wing doors.

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