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2026 BMW iX3 Specs, Performance, Price, Release Date & Interior

Meet the 2026 BMW iX3 – the SUV that’s taking electric driving to a whole new level! With its cool design, smart features, and eco-friendly power, it’s leading the charge towards a greener future. Let’s explore about 2026 BMW iX3 Specs, Performance, Price, Release Date & Interior.

What to expect in 2026 BMW iX3?

2026 BMW iX3 Specs

2026 BMW iX3 Specs

PowertrainsSingle- and dual-motor options for two- or all-wheel drive capabilities
Battery800-volt electrical architecture; Up to 20% higher energy density
Driving RangeEstimated over 300 miles per charge
ChargingFaster charging times; up to 30% reduction compared to previous models
PerformanceQuick acceleration and engaging handling
InteriorFuturistic styling; Advanced infotainment and driver-assistance features

The 2026 BMW iX3 is set to redefine the electric SUV landscape with its impressive specifications. Boasting both single- and dual-motor powertrains, this vehicle offers versatility with options for two- or all-wheel drive capabilities.

Its substantial battery, featuring an 800-volt electrical architecture and up to 20 percent higher energy density, promises extended range and faster charging times compared to its predecessors.

With an anticipated driving range of over 300 miles per charge, drivers can embark on long journeys with confidence. Furthermore, the iX3 is expected to deliver exhilarating performance, characterized by quick acceleration and engaging handling.


Inside, futuristic styling, advanced infotainment, and driver-assistance features elevate the driving experience to new heights of luxury.

Stay tuned as more details about the 2026 BMW iX3 emerge, promising an exciting future for electric SUV enthusiasts.

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Expected Trims

2026 BMW iX3 Expected Trims

2026 BMW iX3 Expected Trims

TrimEstimated Price
eDrive40$60,000 (est)
xDrive40$65,000 (est)
M50$70,000 (est)

The 2026 BMW iX3 is expected to come in three versions: eDrive40, xDrive40, and M50. Here’s what we anticipate:

  1. eDrive40: This is the basic model, priced around $60,000.
  2. xDrive40: This model offers more features and might cost around $65,000.
  3. M50: This is the top-tier version with the most features and performance, priced at about $70,000.

These prices are estimates and may change depending on optional extras. Keep in mind that BMW will confirm the actual prices closer to the launch date of the 2026 iX3.

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Expected Battery Performance

Although BMW has not released any official statement about battery or range specifications, here’s what we know so far about the electric motors, batteries, and specs of the 2026 BMW iX3:

  1. Electric Motors: The iX3 is expected to offer both single- and dual-motor powertrains, allowing for options of two- or all-wheel drive capabilities. This flexibility ensures that drivers can choose the configuration that best suits their preferences and driving needs.
  2. Batteries: The iX3 will feature an advanced battery system with an 800-volt electrical architecture. Additionally, the batteries are anticipated to have up to 20% higher energy density compared to previous models. This means improved performance and range, allowing drivers to go farther on a single charge.
  3. Specs: While exact specifications haven’t been confirmed yet, BMW aims to achieve a driving range estimate of over 300 miles per charge. This impressive range, coupled with fast charging capabilities, promises a seamless and convenient driving experience for iX3 owners.

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Futuristic Interior

  1. Futuristic Styling: The interior of the iX3 is likely to feature a modern and futuristic design, with sleek lines and premium materials creating a sophisticated ambiance.
  2. Advanced Infotainment: Expect the iX3 to come equipped with the latest infotainment system from BMW, offering intuitive controls, smartphone integration, and possibly even gesture control for added convenience.
  3. Driver-Assistance Features: BMW is known for its advanced driver-assistance technologies, and the iX3 is expected to be no exception. Look for features such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automated parking assistance to enhance safety and convenience.
  4. Luxury Amenities: As a premium SUV, the iX3 is likely to offer a range of luxury amenities, such as heated and ventilated seats, a panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, and premium audio systems, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience for occupants.

Overall, the interior of the 2026 BMW iX3 is expected to combine cutting-edge technology with luxurious comfort, creating a sophisticated and refined cabin environment for drivers and passengers alike.

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Expected Release Date

The 2026 BMW iX3’s release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. But it’s expected to be available around late 2025 or early 2026. Keep an eye out for updates from BMW to know exactly when it will be released.

Final words from author

In summary, the 2026 BMW iX3 is set to be a thrilling addition to the electric SUV lineup. With its advanced technology and exciting features, it promises to deliver a fantastic driving experience. Stay tuned for updates from BMW as they reveal more about this exciting SUV.

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