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7 Reasons You Should Wait For 2025 Toyota Stout 

Rumors about the Japanese car maker bringing back the famous small pickup have been around for quite a while now. Even though officials are still quiet about this comeback, we have several reasons to believe that something is cooking in Toyota’s kitchen.

The most recent reason was an Instagram post from a few weeks ago with a short video of the original pickup. To us, this means that the revival is pretty much a certain thing. Therefore, we present you seven reasons you should wait for the Toyota Stout instead of buying a Maverick or Santa Cruz.

#7 Powerful & Efficient Hybrid Powertrain

#7 Powerful & Efficient Hybrid Powertrain
#7 Powerful & Efficient Hybrid Powertrain

Considering the expected size, it’s no surprise that many sources suggest that the new pickup wouldn’t be based on the G platform and the Rav 4 as was initially expected. Instead, the Japanese manufacturer might go for something smaller for the GAC architecture.

What’s particularly important is that a slightly different hybrid powertrain comes with this platform compared to what we’re used to seeing in Toyota’s models on the US market. Instead of a 2.5 L engine, this system would be based on a 2 L inline 4.


But even with this engine, the max output would be nearly 200 horsepower, which is still more than what the Maverick offers. At the same time, this powertrain would ensure class-leading fuel economy.

As the system already proved itself to be extremely efficient in the case of the Corolla cross, it returns 45 MPG in the city and 38 MPG on the highway. So it’s no surprise that some estimations suggest way over 40 MPG combined.

But even if in case Toyota decides to go for a bigger engine like in the Rav 4, the average fuel economy would be on par with the Maverick. At the same time, this would be a way more capable pickup as the max output could easily go up to 250 h Power.

#6 Single Cab Layout

#6 Single Cab Layout
#6 Single Cab Layout

One of the things that small you body pickups are missing at the moment is a regular cab style. So far, both Ford and hindai have been offering only crew cab layouts as most buyers see these compact pickups as versatile family vehicles.

However, we’re pretty sure that many potential buyers would love to see a small pickup with just a single row of seats and a little bit longer cargo bed. T

hey expect Toyota to offer such a version of the Stout, which would be a fantastic choice for anyone who is looking for a small commercial vehicle.

The original Stout was offered with such a design, so we don’t see why this wouldn’t be the case with the new model as well. After all, let’s not forget that the Tacoma is one of the rare models that still offer a two-door cab layout in the midsize segment. So Toyota could easily use the same principle in the compact pickup segment.

#5 Turbo 4 is Possible too

toyota stout 2024
toyota stout 2024

Of course, everyone expects to see the N stad with an efficient hybrid powertrain. We have no doubt that most buyers would go for this powertrain option. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a gas-only version on offer as well.

For example, base models could come with a familiar 2.5 L inline 4 with 203 horsepower. But we’re rather interested in something peier, namely Toyota could offer something to match the Maverick and Santa Cruz versions with turbo four engines.

Thankfully, Toyota has a proper engine to respond to these Pepe units in the form of a relatively new 2.4 L turbo 4, which already Powers a variety of Toyota models including the Highlander and Tacoma.

In this case, presumably, we would see a less powerful variant of the engine with 265 horsepower and 310b feet of torque, which seems plenty enough power and especially torque to ensure competitive performance for the class.

#4 All-Wheel Drive Hybrid

#4 All-Wheel Drive Hybrid
#4 All-Wheel Drive Hybrid

If there is a thing to complain about the Ford Maverick, it would be the drivetrain. The hybrid version of Ford’s pickup may be super efficient, but it isn’t available with all-wheel drive, which significantly limits its towing capacity and off-road Performance.

Toyota, on the other hand, will most certainly offer an all-wheel drive hybrid version of this pickup as it does with most other Hybrid models in the lineup. Of course, we’re talking about the company’s intelligent all-wheel drive system designed for hybrids in particular.

That’s an on-demand all-wheel drive that doesn’t have mechanical Parts like a differential but rather uses an additional electric motor to power the rear wheels.

What this means in practice is that the new Stout could come in an off-road version even with a hybrid powertrain just like the Rav 4 with its Woodland trim. Naturally, an off-road Focus Stout would come with a few more upgrades including allterrain tires roof racks and suspension upgrades while various visual enhancements also seem like a certain thing.

Still, we presume that the toughest off-road version would remain reserved for gas-only models. We may even see something with a TRD Pro badge, but even if we don’t see a dedicated off-road hybrid pickup, an all-wheel drive drivetrain would provide great benefits in terms of traction, safety, and overall performance.

#3 Modern Safety Tech

People like Toyota for many reasons, and numerous advanced Safety Systems are definitely among them. So the Stout shouldn’t be any different. It should come fully loaded with active driver assist features even in the most basic variants.

But what’s also worth mentioning is that the Japanese car maker has just released the latest version of its famous safety sense suite, and now the 3.0 version is active with various enhancements and novelties.

Among other Novelties, we should mention a new set of Radars and sensors which ensure vehicle detection at a longer range, which improves the capabilities of pre-collision systems, Lane keep assist, Etc. Moreover, the adaptive cruise control now comes with a broader range of settings so drivers now have more possibilities when it comes to adjusting the distance, applying brakes, and similar things.

Automatic high beams have also been improved, and the new system also recognizes more traffic signs than before.

Finally, there’s a new system called proactive driving assist, which offers breaking and steering assist in order to help drivers in tricky situations whether it’s about getting into curves, proceeding bicycles, and pedestrians and more. Most of these systems would be part of the standard equipment, which isn’t the case with the competition at the moment.

#2 High Predicted Reliability Ratings

Reliability is pretty much the other name for Toyota, as the Japanese manufacturer has been enjoying an excellent reputation in this aspect for decades. And logically, we expect the same results from the new pickup.

Even though a brand new model, the Stout shouldn’t have bigger reliability issues considering that the vehicle will be relying on proven Technologies, including the hybrid powertrain that’s been in use for a very long time.

This becomes particularly important once we put in the context of competing with a Ford Maverick, which has been facing many issues since the day it was launched.

There were several recalls and way more customer complaints on various things, fire concerns, badly assembled parts, and malfunction of safety features and other systems based on electronics are just some of the things that come to mind.

So it’s not hard to conclude that the Stout will be a natural choice for all those buyers who look for trouble-free ownership.

#1 Affordable Price

The Stout could beat the Maverick in its own territory because, let’s admit, Ford’s pickup is not so affordable anymore. With the recent price increase for the 2024 model year, the hybrid version now starts at $26,500, which is something Toyota can easily match or even beat.

In the case Toyota decides to base the new pickup on the Corolla cross, this would be quite easy to achieve considering that the small crossover starts at around $29,000. We presume that the pickup iteration would bring savings in various aspects, including interior design.

So the MSRP can easily go down by a couple of thousand. But that’s not all. Let’s not forget the expected single cab version. If Toyota decides to launch such a pickup, the price would be even lower. These body styles are always cheaper than double cab layouts.

Moreover, let’s presume that a single cab Stout would come primarily as a commercial vehicle with notably less standard equipment than Comfort-oriented crew cab models. In practice, this means that the price would go down even further. In our humble opinion, that has to be under $25,000.

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