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2025 Ford Expedition Redesign: Major Updates and Upgrades

Ford is redesigning the Expedition, its largest SUV, for now. In the future, they plan to launch heavy-duty Excursion again. But, we have another video covering that topic.

2025 Ford Expedition Redesign: Major Updates and Upgrades
2025 Ford Expedition Redesign: Major Updates and Upgrades

Let’s go back to the Expedition and its update for 2025. Recent spy shots of prototype vehicles indicate substantial exterior modifications are in the works. 

Ford also hints at improvements beneath the hood, suggesting an additional option will be available for the 2025 Expedition. These updates are expected to reflect on the vehicle’s pricing structure. So, let’s check these 3 changes a bit closer.

The exterior changes are more restrained than what we’ll find inside, focusing on front and rear styling updates that align the Expedition with modern design trends.


These modifications complete the vehicle’s mid-cycle refresh, ensuring it remains competitive in the full-size SUV segment. Ford Authority showed us some spy photos taken in 2023, and the lines remind us of Range Rover, at the front and in the back.

The 2025 Ford Expedition brings in a refreshed interior that introduces state-of-the-art technology and design. A highlight of the update is the pillar-to-pillar screen that spans the width of the dashboard, offering an immersive digital experience reminiscent of luxury counterparts like the Lincoln Nautilus.

Below the big display, a new center stack screen is neatly nestled between the HVAC vents, enhancing functionality and aesthetics.

In the driver’s space, a new steering wheel design awaits, signaling a move towards a more contemporary and ergonomic layout. This redesign is not just a superficial uplift but a thoughtful reimagining of the Expedition’s cockpit, aiming to elevate the user experience.

The 2025 Ford Expedition introduces a new hybrid powertrain, the same one used on the F150 truck. A 3.5-liter V6 engine, integrated with a 41-horsepower electric motor housed within its 10-speed transmission, can create an impressive 430 horsepower and an outstanding 570 pound-feet of torque, promising both power and efficiency.

The fuel economy is noteworthy with an EPA rating of 24 miles per gallon, both in urban and highway conditions—positioning the Expedition as a strong contender in its class, particularly against rivals like the new Toyota Sequoia with the I-Force system.

In addition to the hybrid variant, the Expedition keeps a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 as its standard powerplant. This engine, known for its versatility, had a previous output of 380 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque but has the potential to reach up to 450 ponies and 510 pound-feet.

The specific enhancements for this model year remain to be seen, as industry experts anticipate the manufacturer’s adjustments for optimized performance.

Starting price of the 2025 Ford Expedition should be near the $60,000 mark, reflecting the upgrades and features expected in the new model. The base variant of the current generation begins at approximately $57,000.

For those desiring additional space, the Expedition Max with a long-wheelbase setup, will add $4,000 across all configurations. Top-of-the-line Platinum and King Ranch editions will continue to represent the more luxurious options.

This SUV is slated for release in the last quarter of 2024, promising to offer a compelling value for buyers in the upcoming year.

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