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Fisker’s Financial Fiasco: Cars Delivered, Payments Missing

  • Poor accounting practices led to millions in missing payments, with checks and credit card receipts unaccounted for.
  • Employees had to track down payments after cars were delivered, causing administrative chaos.
  • Fisker’s financial troubles coincide with production halts and failed partnerships, including with Nissan.
  • The company’s stock plummeted, leading to its delisting from the stock market.
  • To boost sales, Fisker slashed prices on its vehicles.

Fisker, the electric car company, is in hot water over claims that it delivered cars without making sure customers paid up. Reports suggest that Fisker’s poor money management led to millions going missing.

Insiders say Fisker struggled to keep track of payments, leaving employees scrambling to find checks and credit card receipts after cars were already handed over. Some checks weren’t even cashed on time, making the mess worse.

This comes at a bad time for Fisker, which is already struggling. They stopped making cars, couldn’t seal the deal with Nissan, and their stock price tanked, getting them kicked off the stock market. To boost sales, Fisker slashed prices on its cars.

Fisker is trying to fix its problems, but it’s a tough road ahead. They need to sort out their finances and regain trust from customers and investors. The future doesn’t look bright for Fisker right now.


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