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2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige 3.5T AWD Review

I was at the IMPA Spring Break event for 2024. There’s a whole bunch of different manufacturers that are out here that brought vehicles for us to test drive. Right here, I have the updated 2025 Genesis GV80. Just going to post a quick walk around review here.

Exterior Updates

2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Exterior Updates
2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Exterior Updates

They updated the grill a little bit. Nice chrome down there along the bottom. It looks like they updated the lighting elements inside of the headlight, and it looks a lot like the ones on the Genesis G90. Very classy and high-end looking. There’s a side air curtain right there for aerodynamics.

It’s still going to have the turn signals there on the fender. The biggest notable change is going to be these new 22-inch wheels. They are two-tone dark gray with brushed aluminum, and look very nice. I actually like that they only just slightly changed the wheels because really they didn’t need to, but things can’t stay the same forever.

Beautiful chrome accents along the bottom and a gloss black at the very bottom. Overall, just the body lines on this thing are very sleek. Aside from that, it pretty much goes unchanged, which is not a bad thing by any means. It was already a good-looking vehicle, so why mess with it?


Trunk and Storage

2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Trunk and Storage
2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Trunk and Storage

Let’s just look in the trunk real quick. This is the two-row version of the GV80, so there’s tons of room in the back here.

If you look at the headliner, the suede headliner goes all the way to the very back into the cargo area. Lots of underfloor storage. You have a cargo cover right there and electronic buttons to drop the seats. Overall, just a really solid package.

Interior Updates

2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Interior Updates
2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Interior Updates

I’ll say the one thing though, they did change the exhaust pipes. They did some really good updates here in the interior, starting off with the steering wheel. The outgoing steering wheel had a lot of strong opinions about it, but that wheel is gone.

This one looks much better. There’s no arguing that. This one is a nice two-tone with white and dark gray on the outside. It has nice stitched leatherette on the horn button and all the little details down to the build quality.

Everything in here is very well put together. The biggest change in the interior is going to be the display. The gauge cluster and the infotainment screen are all now just one big large screen. It really looks good, high resolution, nice vivid colors.

Test Drive and Performance

2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Test Drive and Performance
2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Test Drive and Performance

Now let’s take this thing for a drive. This event is being held at Camelback Resort here in Tannersville, Pennsylvania. We have these nice long twisty roads to really get a feel for how the car handles, steers, and get some acceleration clips as well.

As far as ride quality goes, no outside noise is coming into the cabin. Really nice and quiet, good insulating materials used. The steering is tuned nice and tight. It’s very responsive on these twisty roads. Without any music playing, it’s very quiet. It’s a little strange.

They picked a really nice scenic location to have us drive. The suspension is very forgiving on all these bumps. The motor is very strong going uphill, and we have a Bang & Olufsen audio system, so let’s take a quick listen to that.

Connectivity and Technology

2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Wheels
2025 Genesis GV80 Prestige Wheels

Now I do have to say, the biggest disappointment on the interior is the fact that we still do not have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s 2024.

All the Hyundai models have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so the fact that Genesis doesn’t have it in its highest tier luxury vehicle—come on. We’re just going to do a quick test of the acceleration on this open road. Very responsive, tiny bit of turbo lag off the rip, and then it goes.

Genesis makes an incredibly comfortable interior, and the seats are very comfortable. I would love to be able to take this on a nice long trip.

My Thoughts

So my overall consensus on the GV80: it’s comfortable, it’s quiet, the drive is engaging, but just that Apple CarPlay. But let’s be real, a wire at the end of the day isn’t a big deal, but it’s just a bad look up against the competition.

So that’s going to wrap up this test drive of the new 2025 Genesis GV80. If you enjoyed this video, please share with a friend and subscribe. It’ll really help the channel grow.

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