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2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Review, Specs & Price

2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Review, Specs & Price
2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Review, Specs & Price

I swore I wasn’t going to do any more articles on the Acura MDX because I have covered this car ad nauseam, but for 2025, some very important changes have been made, so I do need to post this article. And what better MDX to show than this one? This is an all-new trim level for 2025. This is the Acura MDX A-Spec Advance, and this one has a beautiful brand new color called Urban Gray Pearl.

This car is a perfect example of Acura listening to their customers. People have been asking for an A-Spec Advance as well as some big key changes on the interior.

2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Exterior Changes

To start, I’m going to throw up the power figures on the screen here. You can pause it if you want to read it, but I’m moving on. The first changes are up at the front end. For 2025, they’ve updated the grille, and it now looks just like the grille we see on the new Acura Integra.

It used to have this very intricate and detailed diamond insert pattern, but now the diamond elements are still there, but they’re hollowed out. Now I’d say it looks more like a diagonal grid as opposed to what it looked like before.


These changes that they made to the lower fascia, A-Spec fans and customers are definitely going to rejoice, but Type S customers not so much. So now, the A-Spec trim level MDX has the same front fascia as the Type S. You get these dark-colored accents at the sides and a lot more venting than you find on just a regular trim level MDX.

But yes, the A-Spec has the same front end now as the Type S. The dual-eye LED headlights along with the chicane LED daytime running light and the turn signal all go unchanged. The fog lights down below are also kind of a miniature version of the ones in the main headlight.

Turning to the side, very few changes are present here. You’ve got your blacked-out power folding mirror with LED turn signals. You still have your A-Spec badge on the fender, blacked-out window trim, blacked-out roof rails, gloss black trim towards the bottom of the door, and flat black trim going along the very bottom and on the wheel arches.

The main difference on the side is going to be the wheel. This is a brand new 20-inch wheel in gloss black multi-spoke design. It actually just looks like a blacked-out version of the wheel that we saw on the pre-revision design. Though I don’t see that as a problem. The tires this is riding on are Bridgestone Alenza Sport All Season, and the size is 255/50.

Wheel and Tire Specifications:

2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Wheel and Tire Specifications
2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Wheel and Tire Specifications
Wheel Size20-inch
Wheel DesignGloss black multi-spoke
Tire BrandBridgestone Alenza Sport All Season
Tire Size255/50
Wheel and Tire Specifications

Turning to the rear, there are really no noticeable changes. I think maybe they smoked out the tail lights just a little bit darker than they were previously, but other than that, no changes. You still have your flat black along the very bottom with the dual vacuum cleaner style exhaust.

Of course, you have your A-Spec badging again along with your super handling all-wheel drive. Opening up the hands-free power lift gate, off to the left side you have a little cubby that can hold a gallon of milk or water.

You have a 12-volt outlet as well as the button that activates the tailgate walkway feature. There’s additional storage underneath the floor. To drop the third-row seats, you do have to do it manually with the levers on the back. There is no powered button to lower the seats.

When you first open it up, you only have 18 cubic feet of space, but after you drop all the seats, it goes all the way up to 95 cubic feet of cargo space.

2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Cargo Space:

2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Cargo Space
2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Cargo Space
ConfigurationCargo Space (cubic feet)
With all seats up18
With all seats dropped95
Cargo Space

2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance Interior Changes

So now we are inside the refreshed 2025 MDX A-Spec Advance, and holy sh finally, finally, finally we’re going right to it. Look at this beauty: touchscreen. You see this? You can touch it, and it works. So Acura finally listened. They got rid of that touchpad interface that most people hated.

Now they took the screen, moved it up a bit closer, and it is a touchscreen. Yes, I think some people don’t realize just how big a deal this is because honestly, I feel like with the old interface, that was the one thing that kept this car from being perfect. And now, I can’t really find anything wrong with the car.

But you are still going to get a lot of the same functions. Of course, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth and USB audio, Sirius XM radio, Google Maps and the Play Store built-in, Google Assistant, Alexa, Wi-Fi hotspot, Acura Link.

Since this is an advanced trim, it has the top-of-the-line cabin talk feature, which is basically an intercom system that allows the driver to talk to rear passengers without having to turn around and yell. Another way they also listen to their customers has to do with that one-third of the screen off to the right side that is also now touchscreen.

You can scroll through it, and it can show a few different things on the display. But when you go into Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you do now have the option to make it full screen and get rid of that piece on the side. That was probably the second biggest complaint after the touchpad, and now this is a very nice system to use.

Infotainment Features:

Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android AutoYes
Bluetooth and USB audioYes
Sirius XM radioYes
Google Maps and Play StoreBuilt-in
Google AssistantYes
Wi-Fi hotspotYes
Acura LinkYes
Cabin TalkTop-of-the-line feature
One-third screen touchscreenYes
Infotainment Features

Audio System Upgrade

The other big system change is the audio. Now, if you were a big fan of the ELS Studio 3D audio system like I was, my condolences because the ELS Studio system is gone, and now it has been replaced by a 19-speaker Bang and Olufsen audio system. Let’s take a quick listen.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great system. They definitely took a gamble making the switch, but it is a very solid system: good power, nice clarity, and nice control at high volumes.

Audio System:

Previous SystemELS Studio 3D
New System19-speaker Bang and Olufsen
Sound QualityGood power, nice clarity, and control at high volumes
Audio System

A-Spec Advanced Trim Features

A-Spec Advanced Trim Features
A-Spec Advanced Trim Features

These next two features are the main reason that Acura created this A-Spec Advanced trim. First is going to be the seats. The seats don’t look out of the ordinary: black perforated Milano leather, very intricate red stitch work, heated and ventilated with three memory settings for both passenger and driver. But now we get the 9-way massage function.

If you press and hold this button right here on the console, it brings up the menu with your massage settings. There are nine different massage modes to choose from and three different levels of intensity. I had an MDX Type S for a week a few months back, and I really enjoyed it.

Previously, you couldn’t get all these high-end features with the sport appearance package, so that is why now they have created the A-Spec Advance.

Seat Features:

MaterialBlack perforated Milano leather
Stitch WorkIntricate red
Heating and VentilationYes
Memory SettingsThree for both passenger and driver
Massage Function9-way with three levels of intensity
Seat Features

The other premium feature that the Advance now brings to the A-Spec is a head-up display. The head-up display is very customizable. You can have your phone, radio, whatever audio is playing, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Alexa.

Down below in the digital gauge display, you can have Google Maps right there on the screen. But of course, you can still see your maintenance information, tire pressure, all-wheel drive, your G meter, driver attention, seat belt warning, safety support settings, and your trip computer.

As part of the A-Spec appearance package, you are going to get the aluminum pedals down below. You still have the big knob in the middle that goes through the drive modes, which are Snow, Comfort, Normal, and Sport.

Head-Up Display Features:

FeatureCustomizable Elements
Audio (Apple CarPlay/Android Auto)Yes
Digital Gauge DisplayGoogle Maps, maintenance info, tire pressure, all-wheel drive, G meter, driver attention, seat belt warning, safety support settings, trip computer
Head-Up Display Features

Additional Interior Features

The rest of the interior goes pretty much unchanged. You still have your nice panoramic moonroof, manual sun shades in the second row, a Bang and Olufsen tweeter speaker in the A-pillar. In addition to the massage function, you have power-adjustable bolsters and power-extendable thigh supports.

In the vehicle settings, it shows an MDX on the screen, and now you can touch it and spin it around. It’s just fun to do. Now that this is an advanced trim, it also gives you a 360 camera in addition to your backup camera.

I mean, it’s decent; it gets the job done. You still have that nice command center down in the middle, and it still has that magic seat in the middle that can be removed.

Additional Features:

Panoramic moonroofYes
Manual sun shadesSecond row
Bang and Olufsen tweeterA-pillar
Power-adjustable bolstersYes
Power-extendable thigh supportsYes
Vehicle settings displayTouchscreen and interactive
360 cameraIncluded with advanced trim
Magic seatRemovable
Additional Features

Pricing and Conclusion

The MSRP of this 2025 Acura MDX A-Spec Advance with super handling all-wheel drive is $69,950. Big thank you to Open Road Acura of Wayne for allowing me to come out today to show you guys this new updated A-Spec Advance.

They’re located on Route 23 in Wayne, New Jersey, so stop by if you’re in North Jersey or the New York City metro area. Let me know your thoughts on the 2025 MDX down in the comments. If you enjoyed this video, please share it with a friend and subscribe. It’ll really help the channel grow.

Hit the notification bell so you don’t miss any new videos. Let me know down in the comments what other vehicles you want to see on the channel next.



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