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Sneak Peek at the 2026 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Prototype

  • The prototype retains the current model’s silhouette but features a flatter nose, redesigned taillights, and an unconventional license plate placement.
  • Wider tracks suggest chassis improvements, and the absence of a grille and tailpipes indicate an electric powertrain.
  • While interior details remain scarce, expect a revamped dashboard, improved seating, and cutting-edge technology features.
  • Anticipated to debut in late 2025, with a potential U.S. launch in 2026.

Mercedes-Benz is working on a new electric version of its V-Class minivan, and spy photographers recently caught a glimpse of it during testing. While it still looks a lot like the current model on the outside, there are some interesting changes happening underneath.

The front of the minivan has a flatter nose, and the back has different taillights and an unusual spot for the license plate. These changes suggest that Mercedes is doing more than just updating the design—they’re likely working on new technology too.

The minivan seems to have wider wheels, which could mean they’re improving how it drives. It’s also missing the usual grille and tailpipes, which is a clue that it’s electric.

We haven’t seen inside yet, but we expect it’ll have a new dashboard and better seats. Plus, it’ll probably have all the latest gadgets and maybe even some self-driving features.


We don’t know exactly when it’ll be available, but it could be sometime in late 2025. And it’ll probably come to the United States in 2026.

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