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Rivian’s New Update Rates US EV Charging Spots for Easier Use

  • Rivian’s latest software update grades EV charging stations across the US for easier navigation.
  • The update uses data from Rivian vehicles to assess factors like charging session health, payment processing, and charger responsiveness.
  • Each charging station receives a grade ranging from A to F, indicating its reliability.
  • Rivian faces challenges due to limited EV data but plans to improve accuracy with customer feedback.
Rivian's New Update Rates US EV Charging Spots for Easier Use
Rivian’s New Update Rates US EV Charging Spots for Easier Use

Rivian just dropped a new software update that makes owning an electric car (EV) a whole lot smoother. Now, when you’re on the road with your R1T or R1S, you can easily figure out which EV charging stations are worth hitting up and which ones to steer clear of.

Rivian’s update uses data from its cars to give every charging spot in the US a grade. Wassym Bensaid, the head of software at Rivian, explained that each Rivian vehicle sends back info about its charging sessions.

They look at things like how well the charging session went, how fast you could pay, how the charger behaved, and even how hot it got.

So, when you plug in, Rivian’s system will tell you if the charger gets an A, meaning it’s great, or an F, meaning you might want to skip it.


Rivian needs enough data from lots of charging sessions to give an accurate grade. Since there aren’t tons of Rivian EVs out there yet, they’re still working on getting enough info to cover the whole country.

But Rivian’s not stopping there. They’re also thinking about letting customers give feedback on charging stations. This way, everyone can pitch in and help make the ratings even better.

Even though there are still some hurdles to jump, Rivian’s update is a big win for EV owners. It’s all about making the EV experience smoother and more hassle-free, so you can hit the road with confidence.

And with more companies like Rivian stepping up to improve EV infrastructure, it’s looking like a brighter future for electric cars all around.

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