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Alfa Romeo Changes Milano SUV Name to ‘Junior’ After Backlash

  • Alfa Romeo renamed their Milano SUV to the Alfa Romeo Junior due to backlash over producing it in Poland and naming it after an Italian city.
  • The decision was prompted by the Italian government’s objection, stating it’s against the law to name a car after an Italian city if it’s not made in Italy.
  • Initially chosen to honor Alfa Romeo’s birthplace in 1910, the Milano name sparked controversy due to its disconnect with the SUV’s production location.

Alfa Romeo just switched up the name of their Milano SUV, calling it the Alfa Romeo Junior, shortly after revealing it. This sudden move happened because the Italian government didn’t like the idea of a car made in Poland being named after an Italian city.

So, why the fuss? Well, Alfa Romeo thought naming their SUV after Milano, where the company started in 1910, was a cool tribute.

But it rubbed people the wrong way, especially since the SUV was being built in Poland, not Italy. The Italian government stepped in, saying it’s against the law to name a car after an Italian city if it’s not made in Italy.

Alfa Romeo tried to defend itself, saying they thought everything was cool legally. But they decided to change the name anyway to avoid more drama.


They settled on Junior, which has a history with Alfa Romeo. Back in 1966, they used the Junior name to attract younger folks to their cars.

It’s a big deal for Alfa Romeo. Imagine spending tons of money on advertising and then having to change the name at the last minute! But they’re hoping this switch will help them move past the controversy and keep people excited about their cars.

The Junior name might not have the same Italian connection as Milano, but it’s got its own history with Alfa Romeo. It’s all about finding a balance between honoring the past and dealing with modern issues. Alfa Romeo’s got a lot riding on this move, but they’re hoping it’s the right one to keep their fans happy.

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