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Mazda Reveals New Sedan, EZ-6, for China Market

  • Mazda unveiled the EZ-6 sedan at the 2024 Beijing auto show, targeting the Chinese market.
  • The EZ-6 offers both plug-in hybrid and electric powertrain options, with the electric version boasting a range of 373 miles.
  • It’s larger than the previous Mazda 6, measuring 193.7 inches long, and shares a platform with Changan’s SL03 sedan.

At the 2024 Beijing auto show, Mazda wowed audiences with its latest creation: the EZ-6 sedan. Developed in partnership with Changan Automobile, this rear-wheel-drive beauty is set to hit Chinese dealerships by year’s end.

The EZ-6 offers buyers a choice between plug-in hybrid and electric versions. The electric model boasts a nifty 50:50 front-to-rear weight balance and can go up to 373 miles on a single charge, according to China’s testing standards. While numbers might differ under other tests like the EPA cycle, Mazda’s focus on innovation is crystal clear.

This sedan is bigger too, stretching 193.7 inches long, about 4.5 inches longer than the old Mazda 6. Mazda hasn’t spilled the beans on the platform used, but word on the street is it shares with Changan’s SL03 sedan. Changan took the reins on developing the EZ-6’s power and tech features, showing off their teamwork.

Designed by Mazda’s creative team, the EZ-6 rocks the latest Kodo design language inside and out.


Inside, it’s all about simplicity, with a big touchscreen stealing the show, kind of like what you’d see in a Tesla. You can even control things with gestures or your voice, even when you’re not behind the wheel.

But Mazda didn’t stop there. They also dropped the Arata electric crossover concept, teasing future designs for Chinese EV fans.

Expected to hit the market next year, the production Arata will once again use Changan’s EV tech, showing Mazda’s commitment to China’s electric dreams.

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