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Mazda Drops 2025 CX-70: Higher Price, No Extra Seats

Mazda’s latest move has everyone scratching their heads as they introduce the 2025 CX-70, a two-row version of their CX-90. But here’s the twist – it’s pricier than the 2024 CX-90, even though it comes without the third row.

Despite skipping the extra seats, the CX-70 starts with a higher price tag than the CX-90. However, if you compare trim-to-trim prices, they end up being pretty much the same. The CX-70 Turbo Preferred at $41,865 tops the CX-90 Turbo Select at $39,220. Mazda also adjusted turbo versions’ prices, but PHEV prices went up a bit.

Trim Level2025 Mazda CX-702024 Mazda CX-90
3.3T Select$39,220
3.3T Preferred$41,865$41,865
3.3T Preferred Plus$44,275
3.3T Premium$47,275$47,275
3.3T Premium Plus$50,275$50,275
3.3T Turbo S$51,225
3.3T Turbo S Premium$53,825$53,825
3.3T Turbo S Premium Plus$57,325$57,325
PHEV Preferred$51,320
PHEV Premium$55,775$55,775
PHEV Premium Plus$58,825$58,825

Power and Style

Under the hood, both the CX-70 and CX-90 pack a punch with different engine options. They’ve got mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid choices, and all-wheel drive comes standard. The base CX-70 has 280 hp, a slick exterior with 19-inch wheels, and a tech-loaded interior with a 12.3-inch touchscreen.

Trims and Tech

As you move up the trims, you’ll find towing capabilities, bigger wheels, and cool extras like a panoramic sunroof. The fancier trims add things like Nappa leather, ventilated seats, and a 360-degree camera. Mazda’s keeping it high-tech with over-the-air updates and a solid infotainment system.


Going Green

If you’re into eco-friendly rides, the plug-in hybrid models promise 26 miles on electric power and boast a respectable 56 MPGe. They’ve got some premium features too, like a Bose audio system and wireless phone charging.

The Big Question

Now, the real head-scratcher – will people go for the pricier CX-70, even though it seats two less? Mazda’s move has left us all wondering. As the CX-90 gears up for its next model year, we’ll have to wait and see if Mazda adjusts the prices. Until then, it’s a waiting game in the SUV world. Stay tuned for updates as this unfolds!

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