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2025 Aston Martin Vanquish: Testing Continues with Over 800 HP Potential

  • Aston Martin is testing a new model believed to be the successor to the DBS Superleggera, potentially named the Vanquish.
  • Rumors suggest the Vanquish could boast over 800 horsepower, surpassing its predecessors in power output.
  • The prototype’s design features, including a bold front grille and aggressive hood vents, hint at its high-performance capabilities.

Car enthusiasts recently spotted what appears to be the next Aston Martin powerhouse on the roads. This upcoming model, possibly named the Vanquish, is generating buzz for its potential to pack over 800 horsepower.

Rumors suggest Aston Martin is retiring its current twin-turbo V12 engine, known from models like the DB11 and the beefy DBS770 Ultimate. The spy shots of the Vanquish prototype hint at a bold design, hinting at serious performance under the hood.

Scheduled for a reveal in Miami, expectations are high for the Vanquish’s performance. Aston Martin seems to be doubling down on traditional powertrains, despite the trend towards hybrids and electric cars.

Reports also suggest improvements in driving dynamics, with upgrades to stiffness, dampers, and specialized tires. Inside, a modern infotainment system is expected, replacing an outdated setup.


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