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Is the Ford Edge 4-Wheel Drive?

Are you curious about whether the 2024 Ford Edge comes with four-wheel drive? Well, let me tell you, it’s all good news! As of 2022, Ford made a bold move: every single Ford Edge now comes equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD), regardless of which trim you choose. That’s right, you heard it correctly – no more shelling out extra cash just to get those fantastic off-roading capabilities and improved stability on the road.

Now, let’s check out what each trim level offers:

  • The base model, the 2024 Ford Edge SE, seats five and comes with cool tech like BlueCruise. And yes, it has AWD too.
  • The SEL trim steps up with more safety features and sleek looks, and you guessed it – AWD is still included.
  • Feeling sporty? The ST-Line trim looks sharp with its black accents and, yep, still has AWD.
  • If luxury is your vibe, the Titanium trim has all the fancy features you want, plus AWD for added confidence.
  • And for those craving performance, the ST trim has a powerful engine and, you guessed it again, standard AWD.

And if you want to amp up your off-roading game, there are optional packages like the Trailer Tow Package and roof-rack side rails.

So, no matter which Ford Edge you choose, you’re getting AWD as standard. Time to hit the road and start exploring!


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