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Considering the 2025 Toyota 4Runner: Pros and Cons, Should You Wait?

Toyota’s got folks excited with the reveal of the 2025 4Runner. But is it worth holding out for, or should you go for the 2024 model? Let’s break it down into simple pros and cons to help you decide.

Let’s discuss whether it’s an improvement or not, whether it’s pro or con compared to the 2024 model.

So, what are these new changes? If you missed the videos last night, here’s the scoop: new powertrains. The basic Tacoma powertrains, turbocharged engine, 4 cylinders, 288 horsepower, and 37t pounds of torque.

There’s also a hybrid version with a 48 horsepower electric motor, bumping up horsepower to 326 and torque to 465 foot-pounds. This lineup includes models like SR5, TRD, TRD off-road, and limited. New this year is the Trail Hunter.


The 2025 model shares the same platform as the Tacoma, with a wheelbase of 112 inches, making it about 3 inches longer than the current 4Runner.

The length is also increased by about 4 inches. While it’s a bit longer and wider, the height is slightly down compared to the prior generation, ensuring it still fits in your garage.

The Trail Hunter edition boasts a sway bar disconnect, improving approach and departure angles. The departure angle for the Trail Hunter is 32° compared to 33° for the 2024 model. Pricing and availability aren’t out yet, but there are significant differences to consider.

Why go turbo? It offers smoother power delivery, feels faster off the line, and potentially better fuel economy. For instance, the 2025 model with the same powertrain as the Tacoma has a fuel economy of 21 K, compared to 17 combined for the previous generation 4Runner.

In terms of space, there’s more legroom in the second row and the availability of a third row for those who need it. Overall, the 2025 model promises a better ride quality and handling, though it may sacrifice some departure and approach angles.

Pros of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner:

Pros of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner
Pros of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner
  1. Better Engine: The 2025 version comes with new engine options, including a turbocharged one and a hybrid. They promise more power and better gas mileage, making your drives smoother and more efficient.
  2. Great for Off-Roading: The 2025 model has some cool features like a sway bar disconnect, making it awesome for off-road adventures. It’s built tough and ready for some serious fun outdoors.
  3. Roomier Inside: If space is your thing, the 2025 4Runner has got you covered. It’s got more legroom in the back, and you can even get a third row if you need it for extra passengers.
  4. Fancy Gadgets: Inside, there’s a bigger touchscreen and fancy digital gauges. Plus, the tech is upgraded for better connectivity and easier driving.
  5. Comfier Ride: With a new platform, the 2025 model promises a smoother ride and better handling. So, it’s more comfortable for your daily drives or road trips.

Cons of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner:

Cons of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner
Cons of the 2025 Toyota 4Runner
  1. Maybe Less Reliable?: Some folks worry about the new turbo engine and if it’ll hold up in the long run. But newer tech usually means better, right?
  2. Pricey Upgrade: We don’t know the exact price yet, but the 2025 model might cost more. If you’re on a tight budget, the 2024 might be more your speed.
  3. New Look, New Feel: The redesigned exterior might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer the older style.
  4. Early Hiccups: New models can have some teething problems. You might run into issues early on that need fixing.
  5. Wait Time: Since everyone’s excited, you might have to wait a bit longer for the 2025 model to hit the dealership. If you need a car ASAP, this could be a bummer.

Final Thoughts

We recommend waiting for the 2025 Toyota 4Runner due to its exciting changes and improvements, including new powertrains and enhanced technology. Despite potential reliability concerns with the turbocharged engine, the overall benefits in performance and fuel economy make it worth considering.

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