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Cadillac Reveals Luxurious Interior of Optiq Ahead of Beijing Auto Show Debut

  • Cadillac unveils interior of Optiq before Beijing Auto Show debut in China.
  • Optiq’s interior features a modern design with a glowing strip and convenient storage spaces.
  • Similarities with the Lyriq include the steering wheel and dashboard display.

Cadillac’s new car, the Optiq, has finally shown off its fancy interior before its big reveal at the Beijing Auto Show. Even though it was supposed to come out a bit later, people in China got to see it online first.

They already showed us what the outside looks like back in November. Now, we get to see what it’s like inside. It’s got a cool steering wheel and a curved display for the dashboard, just like its bigger sibling, the Lyriq.

But the inside of the Optiq is different from the Lyriq. It has a cool glowing strip in the middle and on the doors. There’s also a space under the air conditioning controls to put stuff, with two charging ports nearby.

The screen for changing the radio and the cup holders are the same as the Lyriq, but they look a bit different because the space between the seats is narrower.


Underneath, it’s built on the same platform as some other electric cars. It’s a bit smaller than the Lyriq but still looks cool.

It’s got an electric motor that makes it go, and there will be different versions in China with different amounts of power. They’ll probably have more info about it at the Beijing Auto Show.

And it’s coming to the U.S. later this year as a 2025 model. So, people will have to wait a bit longer to see it on the roads.

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