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2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4: Everything You Need To Know

2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 is the latest iteration of Toyota’s popular Fortuner line, and it promises to be bigger, bolder, and better than ever before. With significant upgrades in design, performance, and technology, the Fortuner Sigma 4 aims to set a new standard in the SUV market.

Let’s jump right in and see what this beast has to offer.

2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 Specs:

Engine Options2.8L Turbocharged Petrol Engine; 2.8L Diesel Engine
Maximum PowerPetrol: 300 horsepower; Diesel: 201 horsepower
Transmission8-speed Automatic Transmission
Drive TypeFour-Wheel Drive
Terrain ManagementMulti-Terrain Select System
SuspensionAdaptive Variable Suspension
SteeringElectric Power Steering
Fuel EfficiencyVaries based on engine type
InteriorPremium materials, 7-seat configuration, ambient lighting
Infotainment System12.3-inch Touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
Sound SystemJBL Premium Sound System
Safety FeaturesAdaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, 360-degree camera system
Additional FeaturesWireless Charging, Panoramic Sunroof
Price RangeStarting at approximately $45,000
2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 Specs

Exterior Design

2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4
2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4

The new Fortuner Sigma 4 features a bold redesign with a larger hexagonal front grille and sleek LED headlights. New color options like Lunar Rock and Phantom Brown and 20-inch alloy wheels with a dual-tone finish enhance its appearance.


Sharp lines and pronounced wheel arches add to its rugged look. The rear sports redesigned LED tail lights and a power tailgate for added convenience.

Improved aerodynamics, including a revised underbody panel and optimized side mirrors, enhance fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise. Overall, the Sigma 4’s aggressive and muscular design makes it a standout in the SUV market.

Engine and Performance

In the engine department, the Fortuner Sigma 4 offers a choice of two engines: a powerful new 2.8-liter turbocharged petrol engine producing 300 horsepower and a proven reliable 2.8-liter diesel option delivering 201 horsepower.

Both engines are mated to an advanced eight-speed automatic transmission that provides smooth and efficient gear changes. The new turbocharged engine includes Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT) technology, which improves power delivery and fuel efficiency.

The diesel engine is equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system to reduce emissions and meet stringent environmental standards.

Technology Features

Technology-wise, the Fortuner Sigma 4 comes loaded with all the latest gadgets and gizmos. There’s a large touchscreen infotainment system that’s easy to use, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The infotainment system now includes a high-resolution 12.3-inch display, wireless charging, and a premium JBL sound system for an immersive audio experience.

A digital instrument cluster keeps you informed, and a whole suite of driver assistance features, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and a 360-degree camera system, ensures safety on the road.

Off-Road Capabilities

Of course, it’s not all about show. The Fortuner Sigma 4 comes with a variety of features designed to tackle any terrain you throw at it. We’re talking skid plates, increased ground clearance, and a new four-wheel drive system that promises even better performance on rough roads.

The SUV also includes a Multi-Terrain Select system, which allows the driver to adjust settings based on the terrain, such as mud, sand, or rocks, enhancing traction and stability.

The approach and departure angles have been optimized for better off-road maneuverability, making it a robust companion for adventurous journeys.

Interior and Comfort

Now, let’s hop inside and see what the Fortuner Sigma 4’s interior is all about. Open the door, and you’re greeted by a spacious and well-appointed cabin.

The materials feel premium and everything has a nice solid feel to it. The seats are comfortable and supportive, even on long journeys. The Sigma 4 offers a seven-seat configuration with enhanced legroom and cargo space.

New for 2025, the Fortuner includes ambient lighting, a panoramic sunroof, and improved noise insulation, providing a more luxurious and quiet ride.

Driving Experience

On the road, the Fortuner Sigma 4 is a pleasure to drive. The new engine provides plenty of grunt while the suspension soaks up bumps and imperfections with ease. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or tackling a challenging off-road trail, the Fortuner Sigma 4 feels confident and composed.

The SUV features an adaptive variable suspension system that adjusts damping force based on road conditions and driving style, ensuring optimal comfort and handling.

The electric power steering system offers precise control, making it easy to navigate through city traffic or rough terrains.


The 2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 starts at a price of approximately $45,000, which might seem a bit steep. But when you consider the features, performance, and overall package you’re getting, it starts to look a lot more attractive.

For the top-spec variant with all the bells and whistles, the price can go up to around $55,000. Given its robust capabilities, advanced technology, and premium interior, the Fortuner Sigma 4 offers a compelling value proposition, especially if you’re looking for a large, capable SUV that can handle anything you throw at it.

The 2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 is set to hit the market with a global release expected to commence in October 2024. Toyota has confirmed that the SUV will be available in key markets like Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Australia starting from October 2024, with pre-orders opening in early September 2024.

This staggered launch will allow Toyota to cater to market-specific demand while ensuring ample supply for its flagship SUV. Enthusiasts and potential buyers in regions such as South Africa and Latin America can expect availability shortly after the initial rollout, extending into early 2025.

0-60 mph Speed Time

The 2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4, equipped with a new 2.8-liter turbocharged petrol engine, is expected to achieve a 0-60 mph time of approximately 7.8 seconds.

This improved performance is primarily due to the enhanced power output of the engine, which now delivers 300 horsepower and 480 Nm of torque. The updated engine features advanced technologies such as a Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT) and an intercooler system that optimizes air intake, allowing for more efficient power delivery.

Coupled with a refined eight-speed automatic transmission, the Sigma 4’s acceleration is both swift and smooth, making it competitive with other high-performance SUVs in its class.

Competitors to consider

The 2025 Toyota Fortuner Sigma 4 faces tough competition from models like the Ford Everest, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, and Nissan Pathfinder. The Ford Everest impresses with a powerful 3.0-liter turbo-diesel V6, advanced 4WD capabilities, and a luxurious interior packed with cutting-edge technology.

Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport stands out with its robust 2.4-liter turbo-diesel engine, Super Select II 4WD system, and modern design that emphasizes off-road performance and safety features.

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