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2025 Land Rover Range Rover Velar P400 Dynamic SE Review

Welcome to another review from Neftin Mazda Team! Today, we’re diving into the 2025 Range Rover Velar Dynamic SE to see if its features truly justify its price tag. Join us as we explore this vehicle in detail from Land Rover Shreveport.

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2025 Land Rover Range Rover Velar P400 Dynamic SE Review
2025 Land Rover Range Rover Velar P400 Dynamic SE Review

Exterior Lighting

Starting with the lighting, the Velar is decked out with LED lights all around: LED headlights, daytime running lights, and turn signal indicators. These indicators are built into the design and not only look cool but also enhance safety by clearly signaling your intentions to other drivers.

You can activate these via the lever on the left side of the steering wheel—it’s not rocket science, I promise!


Additionally, there are fog lights on the lower part of the bumper, ensuring excellent visibility in all conditions. However, you won’t find many active vents here, but the upper and lower grills are fully functional, adding to the vehicle’s sleek look.

Active Air Curtain and Vents

2025 land rover range rover velar p400 dynamic se exterior
2025 land rover range rover velar p400 dynamic se exterior

One notable feature is the active air curtain. This allows air to flow through the front end of the vehicle, enhancing aerodynamics. I’ll let Carrie show you both sides of this feature.

It’s interesting to see how these elements are designed for functionality, even though most Range Rover owners might not prioritize these details. Potential vents on the sides and heat extractors add to the vehicle’s overall design, even if they’re not actively used.

Wheels and Tires

Screen Interior
Screen Interior

The Velar Dynamic SE comes with impressive tire and wheel specs. The wheels are 22 inches in gloss black, wrapped in 265/40 series tires.

The red brake calipers add a sporty touch, and this setup is consistent at all four corners. The side view mirrors have a nice gloss black finish, and many drivers will appreciate the turn signal indicators built into these mirrors.

In Northwest Louisiana, using turn signals might be less common, but it’s great to see these features included.

Side View Mirrors and Door Handles

These side view mirrors are not just adjustable; they’re power-folding. They fold in when the vehicle is locked and fold out when it’s unlocked. The deployable door handles are flush-mounted with the body, enhancing the vehicle’s aerodynamic profile.

Battery and Key Access

What happens if the battery dies? No worries, there’s a keyhole hidden in the door handle, allowing you to unlock the vehicle manually. While roof rails aren’t present, there is a panoramic sunroof that adds a touch of luxury. The sleek body lines of the Velar are truly a standout feature.

Rear Roof Spoiler and Tail Lights

Moving to the rear, the Velar features a stylish roof spoiler that not only looks good but also serves a functional purpose by directing airflow over the rear window to keep it clean. The rear window wiper is cleverly concealed within the spoiler.

The gloss black finish and hidden Range Rover logo give the back of the vehicle a clean, sophisticated look.

Engine and Performance

Engine and Performance
Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the Velar is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, producing 247 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque, paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

For those interested in the specifics, the Velar offers 22 MPG in the city and 26 MPG on the highway, with a combined 23 MPG.

Gas Tank and Remote

The Velar comes with a 21.6-gallon gas tank, and if you prefer a traditional gas cap over a capless system, you’re in luck. The remote key fob is sleek, with all the buttons easily accessible. In case the battery dies, the key is integrated into the remote for manual access.

The power tailgate can be operated via the remote, and according to Land Rover, the Velar can tow up to 5,511 pounds. Cargo capacity ranges from 34.4 to 70.1 cubic feet, depending on the configuration.

Interior Cargo Space

Interior Cargo Space
Interior Cargo Space

Inside, you’ll find a removable cargo cover behind the back seats and a power outlet. The spare tire is located under the floor, and the tailgate can be controlled via a button on the interior or the remote.

For those who like to maximize cargo space, the seats can be folded down, offering plenty of room for larger items. There’s also a pass-through for longer items.

Rear Seat Passengers

Rear seat passengers are in for a treat with the ebony interior. While the seats don’t recline, they are comfortable, and there’s plenty of legroom.

The door bins are spacious, and there’s a pass-through for longer items. One downside is the lack of reclining seats, which you’d expect at this price point. However, the seats are still comfortable, and the armrest with built-in cup holders adds versatility.

Rear Climate Control

Rear Climate Control
Rear Climate Control

Rear passengers don’t have control over the climate settings, but the air conditioning vents are accessible, along with a couple of USB ports and a 12-volt power outlet.

The panoramic sunroof extends to the back, and the shade can be drawn forward to keep the interior cool on sunny days.


The sunroof tilts and slides open, offering an open-air experience. The shade can be adjusted to manage the amount of sunlight entering the cabin. For those considering purchasing a 2024 or 2025 Range Rover Velar, the price at Land Rover Shreveport is $95,950. If you decide to buy this one, I’ll even give you $5 to seal the deal!

Front Door Panels and Seats

Front Door Panels and Seats
Front Door Panels and Seats

The front door panels are well-designed, offering ample storage space. The armrests are comfortable, and the overall layout is clean and minimalistic.

The power-adjustable seats for the driver and passenger are heated, providing comfort in colder weather.

Interior Features

Interior Features
2025 land rover range rover velar p400 dynamic se interior

Inside, the Velar’s interior is as luxurious as you’d expect. The lower glove box offers plenty of storage space, though there’s no upper glove box.

The upper console features controls for the sunroof and interior lights. One thing missing is the physical controls for the air conditioning—all settings are managed through the infotainment screen.

Infotainment Screen

The 11.4-inch touchscreen is easy to use, managing everything from fan speed to temperature. While this setup might seem complex at first, it’s intuitive and user-friendly.

The 360° surround view camera is a standout feature, offering multiple views around the vehicle to aid in parking and maneuvering in tight spaces.

Surround View Camera

The surround view camera provides a comprehensive view around the vehicle, making it easy to navigate in tight spaces. This feature is particularly useful for parking and ensuring you don’t accidentally bump into obstacles.

Hill Launch Assist and Vehicle Dimensions

The Velar includes Hill Launch Assist, which helps with acceleration on inclines. For those interested in vehicle dimensions, you can find all the details within the infotainment system. This feature ensures you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

All-Wheel Drive and Ride Height

The all-wheel-drive system is perfect for various terrains, including snow, mud, and sand. You can adjust the vehicle’s ride height depending on your needs, and the system responds in real-time, providing a smooth driving experience regardless of the conditions.

Wireless Connectivity and Charging

The Velar supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with a wireless charging pad. There’s also a USB port for added convenience. The shifter design is ergonomic, and the push-button functionality for park is a nice touch.

Cup Holders and Center Console

Cup Holders and Center Console
Cup Holders and Center Console

The center console offers two options for opening, and while the storage space might not be as large as in some other vehicles, it’s adequate for everyday needs. The cup holders are conveniently located, ensuring your drinks are always within reach.

Driver’s Side Features

On the driver’s side, you’ll find a door handle, three-seat memory settings, mirror controls, window controls, and a button to release the rear hatch. The steering wheel adjustment is both tilt and telescoping, with an automatic feature that moves the wheel and seat for easier access when entering or exiting the vehicle.

Dashboard and Steering Wheel Controls

Dashboard and Steering Wheel Controls
Dashboard and Steering Wheel Controls

The dashboard features a speedometer, RPM gauge, and fuel gauge, along with a mileage indicator. The steering wheel has buttons for phone controls, radio, and a button to talk to the vehicle. The three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel is comfortable, with controls for lane-keep assist, cruise control, and a heated steering wheel.

Suspension Controls

The suspension controls are displayed on the screen, showing the real-time orientation of the tires as you turn the steering wheel. This feature helps ensure you’re always aware of your vehicle’s positioning.

Visor and Mirror

The visor includes a mirror and light, though it doesn’t extend. There are grab handles in all four corners, but no adjustable seat belts—a feature that Range Rover might consider adding. The frameless mirror looks sleek, although it lacks a rearview camera.

Test Drive Experience

Now, let’s hit the road for a test drive. If you spot something out of place, let us know and you could win a free Vehicle Visionary t-shirt! The Velar is a joy to drive, with advanced technology that’s easy to use. The infotainment screen houses most controls, which might take some getting used to. If you own a Velar or similar Land Rover model, share your experience with us—how do you like having everything in the screen?

Acceleration and Handling

Acceleration is smooth and responsive, with no issues getting up to speed. Visibility is excellent, and the blind-spot monitoring in the side view mirrors adds an extra layer of safety. The brake pedal feels a bit soft, but it performs well once you get used to it.

Driving Experience

Overall, the driving experience is pleasant, with good handling and maneuverability. The all-wheel-drive system handles various road conditions with ease, providing confidence in different driving scenarios.

Final Thoughts

Some might argue that 247 horsepower isn’t enough, but for everyday driving, it feels more than adequate. The Velar’s technology is user-friendly, and its compact size makes it easy to navigate in urban environments. The turning radius is excellent, making tight turns a breeze.

What do you think about the 2025 Land Rover Range Rover Velar Dynamic SE? Do the features justify the price? Special thanks to our friends at Land Rover Shreveport for lending us this vehicle for the day. Don’t forget to check the links in the description for more information.

We appreciate your support and hope this review helps you envision your next vehicle. If you enjoyed this blog, hit the like button and consider turning on notifications to stay updated on our latest reviews.

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