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2025 Land Rover Defender OCTA: Exclusive Spy Shots

The 2025 Land Rover Defender OCTA recently wowed spectators at the Nürburgring, showing off its incredible strength and agility in a jaw-dropping display.

In a video shared by CarSpyMedia, the Defender OCTA, the most powerful version yet, tore through corners with style, leaving a trail of tire smoke in its wake. Despite its hefty size, this beast handled like a dream, thanks to its advanced suspension and powerful engine.

Speaking of engines, the Defender OCTA packs a punch with a BMW-derived V8 that churns out over 600 horsepower. Combined with its rugged tires and top-notch suspension, it’s ready to tackle any terrain with ease.

Set to join the Defender Elements series, the OCTA is expected to come with a price tag slightly higher than its predecessors, promising to push the boundaries of luxury and performance in the SUV world.


Check out following spy shots of 2025 Land Rover Defender OCTA:

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