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Why did Mazda stop making rotary engines?

Find out why Mazda stopped making rotary engines and learn about the reasons behind this decision

Why did Mazda stop making rotary engines?

Why did Mazda stop making rotary engines?
Why did Mazda stop making rotary engines?

Mazda stopped making cars with rotary engines primarily due to issues with fuel efficiency and emissions. Rotary engines, while offering high power output for their size, tend to consume more fuel and produce higher emissions compared to traditional piston engines.

Additionally, the complexity of rotary engines made them more costly to produce and maintain. These factors, combined with the challenges of meeting increasingly stringent emissions and fuel economy regulations, led Mazda to discontinue their use in their production cars.

Disadvantages of Rotary Engines:

  1. Lower thermal efficiency due to uniquely shaped combustion chamber.
  2. Inherent oil burning requires frequent checks and increases emissions.
  3. Difficulty in achieving proper rotor sealing, leading to leaks and performance issues.
  4. Increased complexity and maintenance requirements compared to piston engines.
  5. Higher fuel consumption compared to piston engines of similar power output.
  6. Higher emissions and environmental impact due to inefficiency and oil burning.

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