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Tesla Model 3 Redesign Overview

Hey everyone, today we are going to talk about all-new 2024 Tesla Model 3, which has recently been redesigned and announced here in North America. After driving it for a while, I must say, I really like it. It’s sleek, cool, and impressive in many ways.

Tesla Model 3 Redesign
Tesla Model 3 Redesign


The most noticeable change is the new slope roofline, which looks much better than the previous Model 3. The headlights are sleeker and more modern, giving the car a refined look.

The old Model 3 had headlights that resembled bug eyes and gave the car a puffy appearance, which I was not a fan of. The new design is more angular, sportier, and elegant, almost reminiscent of an Aston Martin.

The side profile remains similar to the previous model, but the tail lights have undergone a significant upgrade. They are now integrated into the tailgate as one piece, without split lines when lit, which looks cleaner.


Another major change is the replacement of the Tesla “T” badge with the “Tesla” letters, similar to what has been done with the Model S and Model X. This gives the car a cleaner and nicer appearance.


The interior, while familiar, has refinements throughout. The newer materials and fabrics make it feel more premium and luxurious.

Tesla has added more sound-reducing materials and introduced acoustic glass, which significantly reduces road noise. If you’ve driven the previous Model 3 or Model Y, you know how loud it can be. The improvements make for a much quieter and smoother drive.

Steering Wheel

One of the most noticeable changes is the updated steering wheel, which no longer has stalks. Tesla wants you to control everything from the screen. If you’ve driven a Model S or Model X, this will feel familiar. To reverse or drive, you simply hit the brakes and choose the option on the screen. Once you get used to it, you won’t miss the stalks. The steering wheel also has physical buttons instead of capacitive ones, which some drivers might prefer.

Screen and Storage

As with any Tesla, there’s a massive screen with thinner bezels, and underneath it is a space for wirelessly charging your phones. The center console storage has new offset pull tabs and offers plenty of space, including a spacious compartment under the armrest.

Ambient Lighting

The new Model 3 features ambient lighting, similar to the Cybertruck. You can choose from many different colors to personalize your driving experience. This feature is something I hope they bring to the Model Y, Model S, and Model X as well.

Rear Passenger Experience

The rear passenger area benefits from tall side windows and a broad glass roof, making it feel airy and providing plenty of head and legroom, similar to the older Model 3.

In conclusion, the redesigned 2024 Tesla Model 3 offers a sleeker, quieter, and more luxurious driving experience. The new design elements and interior upgrades make it a significant improvement over the previous model. If you get a chance, I highly recommend taking it for a drive to experience the changes firsthand.

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