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Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Addressing Accelerator Pedal Safety

  • Tesla is recalling all 2024 Cybertruck electric pickups due to a problem with the accelerator pedal.
  • The recall affects 3,878 trucks made between November 13 and April 4.
  • There’s a risk of the pedal getting stuck, potentially causing accidents.
  • The issue happened because of a change in how the pedal was made, using soap during manufacturing.
Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Addressing Accelerator Pedal Safety
Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Addressing Accelerator Pedal Safety

Breaking News For Tesla Owners: In a significant development, Tesla has issued a recall for all 2024 Cybertruck electric pickups due to a troubling issue with the accelerator pedal.

The recall, announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), stems from reports indicating that the glossy plastic pad atop the accelerator pedal can become dislodged, potentially becoming trapped in the interior trim during throttle application. This poses an elevated risk of collisions, prompting prompt action from both regulatory authorities and the automaker.

The recall encompasses the entire production run of the Cybertruck, comprising 3,878 units manufactured between November 13 and April 4. The alarm was raised after instances surfaced on social media, showcasing instances of the accelerator pedal pad coming loose.

Owners reported that applying the brakes while the accelerator was depressed led to the cancellation of throttle input.


NHTSA officials have confirmed this issue, stating that the application of the brake pedal effectively cuts drive torque, even when both brake and accelerator pedals are pressed simultaneously.

This mechanism ensures that the vehicle can be brought to a stop promptly, mitigating potential hazards associated with the accelerator pedal malfunction.

The root cause of the problem has been identified as an “unapproved change” in the accelerator pedal assembly process, where soap was utilized to facilitate the attachment of the pad to the pedal during manufacturing. Unfortunately, this resulted in inadequate adhesion, rendering the pad prone to dislodgement.

To address the issue, Tesla has committed to replacing or reworking the affected accelerator pedal assemblies at no additional cost to the owners.

Notably, vehicles manufactured after April 17 have been equipped with a new part featuring a revised part number, addressing the underlying assembly flaw.

Additionally, Cybertrucks that have not yet been delivered will undergo the necessary fix prior to reaching the hands of their respective owners.

The timeline of events leading to the recall initiation highlights the proactive approach adopted by Tesla in addressing the issue. The process commenced on March 31 when the company received a report from a customer regarding a stuck accelerator.

Following a thorough review of the vehicle’s data logs, it was confirmed on April 3 that both brake and accelerator pedals were engaged simultaneously in the reported incident.

Subsequent engineering assessments culminated in the decision to voluntarily recall the affected trucks, underscoring Tesla’s commitment to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its customers.

In light of this recall, Tesla urges all Cybertruck owners to promptly contact their nearest service centers to schedule the necessary repairs.

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