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Mazda’s EV Efforts: Success in China, Struggles in the U.S

Mazda’s introduction into the electric vehicle (EV) market shows a stark difference between the U.S. and China. While Mazda’s first EV in the U.S., the Mazda MX-30, did not do well, the company’s recent showcase in China offers more hope.

Mazda's EV Efforts: Success in China, Struggles in the U.S
Mazda’s EV Efforts: Success in China, Struggles in the U.S

The Mazda MX-30, the company’s first EV sold in the U.S., was not a hit. It had some nice features but didn’t sell well, and there were several big problems with it. Since the launch of the MX-30, Mazda has been quiet about any new EV plans, though it does have a few plug-in hybrids available.

At the Beijing Auto Show, Mazda showed off two new electrified models: the EZ-6 sedan and the Arata SUV concept, which both look promising.

  • The EZ-6 Sedan: Stylish and Sporty The EZ-6 sedan is a good-looking car with a balanced design that should be fun to drive. While not much is known about the engine, the car’s overall design hints at luxury and performance.
  • The Arata SUV Concept: Bold and Futuristic The Arata SUV concept is more of an idea than a real car right now. It has a bold design that takes Mazda’s current style to the next level. It’s not clear yet if it will go into production, but it shows Mazda is thinking about future models.

What’s Next?

Mazda’s different approaches in the U.S. and China show that they are trying to find the best way to succeed in each market.


In China, Mazda is pushing forward with exciting new designs and ideas. As the company moves forward, it will need to learn from both its failures and successes to make its mark in the EV world.

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