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Lucid Motors Slashes Prices with $30,000 Discount on Lucid Air EVs

Lucid Motors Slashes Prices with $30,000 Discount on Lucid Air EVs
Lucid Motors Slashes Prices with $30,000 Discount on Lucid Air EVs

Lucid Motors just dropped its biggest discount ever on the 2023 Lucid Air electric cars. As of April 3, 2024, customers can save a whopping $30,000 off the regular price on certain Lucid Air models that are currently in stock.

Here’s how it works: Lucid is giving a massive $5,000 discount on all 2023 Lucid Airs. But wait, there’s more! Until April 30th, buyers can also get an extra $5,000 Off for choosing a car from the available stock. This means you can combine these discounts to save big.

In places like Los Angeles, if you’re eyeing the Lucid Air Grand Touring, you’ll get an even better deal. You can grab a $15,000 discount plus a $9,650 discount for choosing certain features. These discounts can also be added to the $5,000 stock bonus, potentially saving you a total of $29,650.

The special discount depends on the features you choose. For example, if you opt for the Lucid Air Pure model, you could get a $12,500 discount plus a $2,900 discount for specific features. This could bring the price down to less than $60,000.


To give you an idea, a Lucid Air Pure with a listed price of $79,300 could be reduced to $58,900 after applying all the discounts, including the $5,000 stock bonus.

And if you’re worried about financing, Lucid Motors is offering a sweet deal: 2.99% APR financing for up to 72 months. This is lower than what most car companies offer and could make the Lucid Air an even better deal compared to rivals like the Tesla Model S.

With potential savings of nearly $30,000, Lucid Motors is shaking up the electric car market. This announcement comes shortly after Fisker cut prices on its 2023 Ocean by up to $24,000, amid concerns about its financial situation.

This discount is a game-changer for those in the market for an electric car, putting Lucid Motors at the forefront of affordable EVs.

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