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Is the 2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Worth Buying Before It’s Gone?

We’re back at Coka Subaru in Ying to check out brand new 2024 Subaru Legacy Sport. Now, as you all know, or maybe haven’t heard, Subaru is discontinuing the Legacy after the 2025 model year. So, I wanted to revisit this car here in 2024 to get an idea of what this is all about, to see if they are going to make any changes, which I doubt for 2025, and to kind of go through with you to decide why Subaru discontinued this vehicle.

Exterior Features

Let’s start with the exterior. The car we have here is in crystal black silica, featuring a black interior with red cross stitch. It looks really sharp.

The front end of our Legacy Sport stands out with the red trim going into the big Subaru Edge LED headlights, LED daytime running lamps, and LED fog lamps. Standard bulbs are used for the turn signals, but the overall design looks great.

As we move around to the wheel and tire setup, the Legacy Sport comes with 18-inch gray machined aluminum alloy wheels, with Subaru Edge on the center cap.


These wheels are wrapped in Yokohama Avid GT all-season tires, sized 225 on the 50 Series sidewall, 18s on all four corners, with symmetrical all-wheel drive. The color coordination with the wheels looks fantastic – I think black wheels would have been too much, so this setup is just right.

As we get closer, you’ll notice the color-matched side view mirrors with LED turn signals, color-matched front and rear door handles, and the fuel filler door on the right side of the vehicle.

Up top, we have a color-matched roof, shark fin antenna, and a standard sunroof. Moving to the rear, the Legacy Sport features a decklid spoiler that I really like. The rear also has LED lighting (except for the turn signal), Subaru all-wheel drive on the left, Legacy Sport on the right, and functional dual exhausts down below.

Engine and Performance

2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Engine and Performance
2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Engine and Performance

Now, let’s pop the hood. Underneath, you’ll find Subaru’s 2.4L turbocharged flat-4 engine, paired with a lineatronic CVT with eight manual shift modes and Si-Drive. This setup produces 260 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. Fuel efficiency is rated at 23 MPG in the city, 31 MPG on the highway, and 26 MPG combined.

Interior Features

Driver’s Side

2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Driver's Side
2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Driver’s Side

Moving to the interior, let’s start with the driver’s door panel. It’s all soft touch across the top, looking good with red cross stitch. The armrest is soft with the same cross stitch, and there’s a faux carbon fiber look around the black door handle and flat black on the switchgear.

Although there are no power fold mirrors, the door pocket is a good size, and the upgraded Harmon Kardon sound system sounds great.


2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Seating
2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Seating

The seats are black with red cross stitch, offering full power for the driver and manual assist for the front passenger. They’re nicely bolstered and firm, providing good comfort. The front passenger door panel mirrors the driver’s side, and there’s a Harmon Kardon speaker on that side too.

Dashboard and Infotainment

On the dash, you’ll find more soft touch materials and red cross stitch faux carbon fiber. There’s a rubberized shelf to keep your phone from sliding around, and a good-sized glove box below.

The infotainment system features Subaru’s 11.6-inch Starlink multimedia system with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. This model doesn’t have built-in navigation, but for an additional $1,300, you can get it – though I think using your phone is sufficient.

Below, you’ll find three-stage heated seats for both the driver and front passenger, dual climate control, and all controls are integrated into the screen.

There are no redundant controls outside the screen except for temperature adjustment, defrost, volume, tuning, and four-way hazards.

Vehicle Settings and Controls

In reverse, the backup camera displays on the upper half of the screen, clear with trajectory. From the vehicle settings, you can set up the safety suite controls, auto vehicle hold, and steering responsive headlights.

It’s nice that Subaru includes headlights that follow the wheel turn. Driver assistance controls and other settings are also easily accessible.

Center Console

Further down, there’s an electric emergency brake, aux jack, USB-C and USB-A ports, but no wireless charging pad unless you opt for one.

The gear shift for the eight-speed lineatronic CVT is leather-wrapped with stitching. Gloss black plastic surrounds the area, so be careful, but the soft touch with black stitching looks good, although red stitching would have matched better.

Underneath, there are two large cup holders, and the Subaru key fob is well-weighted with buttons for lock, unlock, trunk pop, and panic. The armrest is soft touch with red stitching, and inside there’s space to lay your phone and a larger area with a 12V outlet.

Steering Wheel and Dashboard

2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Steering Wheel and Dashboard
2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Steering Wheel and Dashboard

The steering wheel is leather-wrapped with red cross stitch, featuring a Subaru badge in the center. It’s round-bottomed, providing plenty of room to get in and out.

The switchgear includes volume control, telephone, voice commands, source button, and seek for music on the left, with adaptive cruise, SI-Drive, and heated steering wheel on the right. Manual paddle shifters are also included.

The stalks control the headlights and fog lamps on the left, and the windshield wipers on the right. The dash includes traditional analog gauges for speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, and coolant temperature, with a small digital display in the center for additional information.

Overhead Console

Above, there’s a spot for your shades, dome lighting controls, an SOS button for emergencies, and sunroof controls. The rearview mirror includes HomeLink, auto-dim, and a compass. Subaru EyeSight technology provides blind spot monitoring, cross traffic alert, lane keep assist, and pre-collision.

Sun Roof and Rear Seats

The sun visor includes a vanity mirror with a light and it slides. The standard sunroof has a manual shade and a quick and easy switch to open the glass. There’s also a tilt function for ventilation.

Getting into the rear seats is easy, with plenty of room for head, shoulders, and knees. The rear seats mirror the front with black and red cross stitch. There are two seat pockets, a cubby for your phone, and two heat and air vents in the center console along with USB-C and USB-A ports.

Rear Console and Door Panel

The rear door panel maintains the same materials and vibe as the front. The rear seats are comfortable with the same red cross stitch, and the center armrest includes two cup holders.

Trunk Space

2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Rear Seats
2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Rear Seats

The trunk can be popped from the dash, key fob, or a button under the Legacy badge. There’s 15.1 cubic feet of cargo space, sport carpeted floor mats, an all-season cargo mat, and a jack with a spare tire.

If you need more room, you can drop the rear seats by pulling the levers and pushing the seats down, providing a nice wide opening for additional cargo space.

Driving Experience

2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Driving Experience
2024 Subaru Legacy Sport Driving Experience

Out on the road, the 2024 Legacy Sport drives well, handles nicely, and feels well-damped. Visibility is excellent with blind spot monitoring, cross traffic alert, lane keep assist, and more safety features.

Handling and Performance

In regular drive mode, the car handles very well. Subaru’s four-wheel independent suspension, struts up front, double wishbone in the rear, and front and rear stabilizer bars make it more responsive. The 18.4 ft turning radius is sharp, and the all-wheel drive kicks in smoothly.

When you hit the brakes, it stops easily. Engage the S drive, and you’ll feel the turbos kick in. With 260 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque, the car accelerates quickly. The manual shift modes in the lineatronic CVT work well, providing a good driving experience.

Market Position and Future


However, as we mentioned, Subaru is discontinuing the Legacy after the 2025 model year due to low sales. In 2023, Subaru sold 25,500 Legacies in the United States. While that might sound okay, it’s low compared to competitors in the midsize sedan segment.

Sales Comparison

For instance, the Toyota Camry sold 291,000 units, Honda Accord sold 198,000 units, Chevy Malibu sold 130,000 units (with half for fleet sales), Nissan Altima sold 128,000 units, Kia K5 sold 76,000 units, and Hyundai Sonata sold 41,000 units. In this competitive market, the Legacy falls behind.

Why Discontinue?

Rather than investing in a major redesign, Subaru decided to exit the midsize sedan market. Given the low sales, it’s not surprising they’re discontinuing the Legacy. The 2025 Camry will be hybrid-only, which might make some buyers reconsider and look at the Legacy, but overall, Subaru made a business decision based on the numbers.


Final Thoughts

Driving in manual mode with the paddles, you’ll notice the CVT doesn’t provide sharp shifts like a regular automatic, but it simulates gears well and quiets the drive line. For a lineatronic CVT, it performs nicely.

Despite not being a fan of CVTs, I appreciate the S and I drive, heated steering wheel, heated seats, wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, and the Harmon Kardon sound system.

It’s sad to see the Legacy go. It’s my favorite Subaru in the lineup, and personally, the Legacy was the first new car I ever bought back in 1989. It was a great commuter car, offering reliability and good service over the years. While I understand the decision based on sales, it’s still a bit emotional.

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