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Honda’s Commitment to US EV Production by 2025

  • Honda plans to start making electric cars in the US by 2025.
  • Significant changes are happening at Honda’s manufacturing plants in Ohio to accommodate EV production.
  • Honda is partnering with LG Energy Solution to establish a joint venture, L-H Battery Company, Inc., to produce EV batteries locally in the US.
  • While Honda hasn’t confirmed the specific EV model, speculation suggests the Afeela, a new electric sedan developed in collaboration with Sony, could be produced in the US.

Honda is getting ready to build electric cars in America by 2025. They’re making big changes to their factories in Ohio to do this.

The Marysville Auto Plant used to make regular cars like the Honda Accord. Now, they’re changing it so they can make both regular cars and electric ones on the same production line. They’re also going to start making the parts that hold the batteries for electric cars right there in the factory. This is the first time Honda will be doing this.

Additionally, the East Liberty Auto Plant is slated to become an exclusive hub for EV production by 2025. This facility will focus on manufacturing heavy components for electric vehicles, aligning with Honda’s vision of leveraging its manufacturing capabilities to meet the growing demand for electric mobility solutions.

Central to Honda’s EV ambitions is its collaboration with LG Energy Solution to establish the L-H Battery Company, Inc. This joint venture, supported by a substantial investment of $4.4 billion, aims to produce EV batteries locally.


They haven’t said exactly which electric car they’ll be making in America, but people think it might be a new one called the Afeela. This car is being made by Honda and Sony together.

In a statement, Bob Nelson, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., emphasized the strategic importance of the Ohio EV Hub, highlighting its role in driving Honda’s electrification efforts and fostering innovation within the company.

List of Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in the US 2024

  1. Proterra: Started with golf carts, now making cool electric vehicles with help from GM and Volvo.
  2. Canoo: Offers a bunch of electric vehicles, including trucks, and landed a big deal with Walmart for deliveries.
  3. Lucid Motors: Lucid Air is winning awards left and right for its awesome range and fast charging, totally shaking up the EV game.
  4. BMW: BMWi has some sweet models like the i3 and i8, helping BMW Group sell over 500,000 electric vehicles.
  5. Tesla: Everyone knows Tesla! They make the coolest electric cars with all the latest tech and everyone loves them.
  6. Polestar: Making tough trucks and slick EVs like the Tre BEV, perfect for quick trips with fast charging.
  7. Ford: They’ve got electric cars like the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning, and they’re all about making cars super connected.
  8. Rivian: If you love adventures, you’ll love Rivian’s R1T and R1S models. Plus, they’re teaming up with Amazon for electric delivery vans!
  9. Lordstown Motors: Started by a former GM exec, they’re really making moves in the electric vehicle world.
  10. General Motors (GM): They make all kinds of cars, including electric ones, and they’re working on some super fancy battery tech too.

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