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3 Worst and 8 Best Things About the 2025 BMW X5

The 2025 BMW X5 is a standout in the luxury SUV market, but like any vehicle, it has its pros and cons. In this blog post, we will dive into the three worst and eight best things about the latest BMW’s iconic SUV – 2025 BMW X5.

The 3 Worst Things About the 2025 BMW X5

1.Rear Seat Space

Rear Seat Space
Rear Seat Space

One of the most noticeable drawbacks of the 2025 BMW X5 is the rear seat space. While it’s comfortable and well-appointed, it falls short compared to its main rival, the Mercedes GLE. The X5’s rear seats are not as spacious, which can be a downside for taller passengers or those who frequently carry adult passengers in the back.

For instance, if you’re 6’1″ and sitting behind yourself, you’ll find about 2 to 3 inches of knee room, which is adequate but not exceptional. Headroom is plentiful, and the panoramic roof adds a sense of openness, but the limited knee room can make long journeys less comfortable for rear-seat passengers.

2.All-Wheel Drive Not Standard

All-Wheel Drive Not Standard
All-Wheel Drive Not Standard

Another con is that the X5 does not come standard with all-wheel drive. The base model is rear-wheel drive, and you have to pay extra to upgrade to the xDrive all-wheel drive system.


In contrast, the Mercedes GLE comes standard with 4MATIC all-wheel drive, providing better traction and stability in various driving conditions right out of the box.

This omission feels like a nitpick but can be significant for those living in areas with harsh weather conditions or those who prioritize all-wheel drive for safety and performance.



Pricing is always a critical factor when considering a new vehicle. The 2025 BMW X5 is no exception. While the base model starts at $65,700 for the rear-wheel drive version, upgrading to the xDrive all-wheel drive bumps the price up to around $68,000.

If you want to compare apples to apples and look at six-cylinder models, the GLE 450 4MATIC starts at $69,500, making the BMW seem like a more budget-friendly option at first glance.

However, if you’re fine with a four-cylinder engine, the GLE 350 with 4MATIC all-wheel drive starts at about $62,650, which is significantly cheaper than the X5.

So, while the X5 offers a lot, its pricing structure might not be as straightforward or competitive as one might hope, especially when considering all-wheel drive and engine options.

The 8 Best Things About the 2025 BMW X5

1.Engine Performance

Engine Performance
Engine Performance

The engine performance of the 2025 BMW X5 is truly impressive. The base engine is the B58, a 3.0-liter inline-six with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system.

This setup produces 375 horsepower, which is a 40-horsepower increase from the pre-LCI generation. The torque is equally impressive at 398 lb-ft. This engine offers a perfect balance of power, efficiency, and smoothness.

In real-world testing, the X5 can achieve around 25 MPG combined, with the potential to reach close to 30 MPG on the highway. This performance and efficiency make it a standout in the luxury SUV segment, especially when compared to the base engines of its competitors.

2.Trunk Space and Usability

2025 BMW X5 Trunk Space and Usability
2025 BMW X5 Trunk Space and Usability

The trunk space in the 2025 BMW X5 is another highlight. With the rear seats up, you get 34 cubic feet of cargo space.

When you fold the rear seats down, which fold completely flat, the space expands to a massive 72 cubic feet. This level of practicality is hard to beat.

Additionally, BMW has retained the split-folding tailgate, which makes loading and unloading cargo more manageable.

In some trims, you can even get air suspension, which allows you to adjust the height of the trunk floor, making it easier to load heavy items.

3.Driving Experience

2025 BMW X5 Driving Experience
2025 BMW X5 Driving Experience

The driving experience of the 2025 BMW X5 is nothing short of brilliant. The smooth power delivery from the B58 engine, combined with the silky-smooth ZF 8-speed automatic transmission, makes for an enjoyable and responsive drive. Whether you’re cruising on the highway or navigating city streets, the X5 handles with ease and confidence.

The X5’s xDrive all-wheel drive system provides excellent traction and stability, even in challenging weather conditions. The option to switch between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive adds versatility to the driving experience.

4.Interior Quality and Features

2025 BMW X5 Interior Quality and Features
2025 BMW X5 Interior Quality and Features

Step inside the 2025 BMW X5, and you’ll be greeted by a luxurious and well-crafted interior. The materials used are top-notch, with high-quality leather, wood, and metal accents. The conac interior with diamond quilting adds a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Comfort is paramount in the X5, with features like heated and cooled seats, a heated steering wheel, memory seats, and even massage functions for the front seats.

The attention to detail extends to the dashboard, which features a beautiful lacquered wood grain and ambient lighting that changes with drive modes and phone calls.


2025 BMW X5 Interior Styling
2025 BMW X5 Interior Styling

The 2025 BMW X5 is a head-turner. Its sleek and modern design makes it one of the best-looking SUVs in BMW’s lineup. The M Sport package, available in the black-on-black spec, enhances its aggressive and sporty appearance.

The front end features new simplified chevron-style LED daytime running lights, and you can opt for an illuminated grille for an extra touch of flair.

The 20-inch wheels and wide tires add to its muscular stance, while the rear design, reminiscent of Halo energy swords, gives it a unique and futuristic look.

6.Towing Capacity

2025 BMW X5 Interior Towing Capacity
2025 BMW X5 Interior Towing Capacity

For those who need their SUV to do some heavy lifting, the 2025 BMW X5 does not disappoint. With the right configuration, it can tow up to 7,200 lbs, which is impressive for a midsize, unibody-based family SUV.

This capability is only 500 lbs less than some midsize trucks like the GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado, making the X5 a versatile option for those who need to tow trailers, boats, or other heavy loads.

7.Technology and Infotainment

2025 BMW X5 Technology and Infotainment
2025 BMW X5 Technology and Infotainment

BMW has always been at the forefront of automotive technology, and the 2025 X5 is no exception. The vehicle features a highly customizable head-up display, a digital instrument cluster, and a central infotainment screen running iDrive 8. While it’s not the latest iDrive 8.5, it’s still a highly capable system.

You get 360-degree cameras, reverse assist, and an augmented reality view that enhances navigation. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, and the ambient lighting adds to the vehicle’s premium feel.

For those who enjoy a sporty drive, telemetry readouts provide performance data at a glance.

8.Driver Assistance and Safety Features

2025 BMW X5 Driver Assistance and Safety Features
2025 BMW X5 Driver Assistance and Safety Features

Safety is a top priority in the 2025 BMW X5. The vehicle is equipped with advanced driver assistance systems that enhance safety and convenience.

The Drive Pilot Pro system allows for hands-free driving on most highways, making long trips more comfortable and less tiring.

The auto lane change feature is particularly impressive. It recommends lane changes and allows you to confirm them by simply looking at the mirror in the direction you want to go. This intuitive system adds an extra layer of safety and ease to highway driving.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the 2025 BMW X5 is an exceptional luxury SUV that offers a blend of performance, comfort, and advanced technology. While it has a few drawbacks, such as rear seat space, all-wheel drive not being standard, and a slightly complex pricing structure, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

The powerful and efficient B58 engine, ample trunk space, and luxurious interior make the X5 a compelling choice. Its stylish design, impressive towing capacity, and advanced tech features further enhance its appeal. Safety and driver assistance systems round out the package, making the 2025 BMW X5 a top contender in the luxury SUV market.

Whether you’re looking for a family vehicle, a capable tow vehicle, or just a luxurious and enjoyable ride, the 2025 BMW X5 is worth considering. It combines practicality with performance and style, making it a well-rounded choice for discerning buyers.

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