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Bahrain’s Mumtalakat Acquires McLaren

  • Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, has acquired full ownership of McLaren Group.
  • The ownership shift marks a significant development in McLaren’s history, with Mumtalakat expanding its stake from 60% to 100%.
  • The move is expected to provide McLaren Automotive with financial stability and resources to focus on long-term business plans, including investment in new products and technologies.
  • Under CEO Michael Leiters, McLaren has been undergoing a transformation aimed at refining its product offerings and enhancing quality.

In big news for car enthusiasts, McLaren Group has a new owner. Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, the sovereign wealth fund of Bahrain, now owns the entire supercar company, up from 60 percent before.

The change has people wondering what’s next for McLaren. Paul Walsh, the group’s executive chairman, says it’ll help them focus on their long-term plans, like making new cars and using new technologies.

This move comes after McLaren faced money problems recently, even selling some of its old cars and its main factory to fund new projects. With Bahrain’s backing, McLaren can now push ahead with its goals.

Under CEO Michael Leiters, who joined in 2022, McLaren has been working on improving its cars. They’ve released new models like the 750S Coupe and updated versions of existing ones like the GT.


Rumors are swirling about McLaren’s next big project—a hypercar rumored to come out later this year. It’s said to have a powerful hybrid engine, fancy doors, and lots of high-tech parts.

With Bahrain’s support, McLaren is set to keep making waves in the world of supercars. Car fans will be watching closely to see what’s next from this iconic brand.

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