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2027 Toyota Corolla Unveiled: A Detailed Look at Its Features and Innovations

We finally have information coming out of Japan on the next generation Harrier, which is known as the Venza in the US market. This month’s Best Car magazine, a highly reputable source for upcoming Japanese cars, has revealed exciting news.

What’s most intriguing for our market, since the Venza was discontinued, is the new Corolla. The world’s bestselling car of all time is getting an update, and we finally have details. If you’re excited for the next-gen Corolla, let’s dive into it.

2027 Toyota Corolla
2027 Toyota Corolla

Design Highlights

Let’s start with the design. Unfortunately, the touring sports or wagon version of the Corolla shown won’t be available in America.

I would love to see a wagon Corolla return to the United States, but for now, we’ll admire from afar. Best Car has been accurate with previous designs like the Prius, GR Corolla, and Land Cruiser, so we have high hopes for this reveal.


The design of the new Corolla looks promising. From the bottom up, it resembles the Prius, especially the intake at the bottom. As we move higher, it starts to differentiate itself with the Hammerhead design.

The Toyota logo sits above the sensor bar area, housing the radar cruise control and possibly a 360 camera. The daytime running lights have a simple hockey stick shape, and the bi-LED headlights are standard. The vertical lines might integrate turn signals, but it’s more likely that the daytime running light will change color for signaling.

Technological Advancements

The new Corolla will feature a more compact engine due to new technology, allowing for a very aggressive front end similar to the Prius. While the Prius uses the current-gen engine, the new Corolla will boast next-gen gasoline engines. In the US, we haven’t seen the more powerful 2.0 L hybrid powertrains used in other markets, but there’s a chance these might not make it here.

Best Car states that the new Corolla is expected to arrive in 2026 as a 2027 model year. This aligns with previous speculation about the design and release timeline.

The new 1.5 hybrid engine was detailed at a workshop with Mazda and Subaru, showcasing next-gen engines and hybridized powertrains. The new motors will provide more power and torque, with significantly higher electric assist compared to current setups. A larger battery, likely around 2 kilowatt-hours, will support enhanced electrification, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

Engine Innovations

The new engines will have lower RPMs and less torque due to their more compact design. However, they will offer better synergy with the hybrid system. Toyota’s current engines, known for their good torque, will be replaced by destroked, compact engines. This change will lead to less torque but improved efficiency.

The new 1.5 turbo engine will replace the A25A engine over time. Although we don’t know the exact timeline for this transition, this turbo engine will reduce the engine volume by 20% and height by 15%.

This compact design allows for a more aggressive hood angle and better aerodynamics, increasing efficiency and range. However, this turbo option is unlikely for the Corolla. Instead, performance cars might feature this 1.5 turbo.

Toyota might simplify their hybrid configurations, offering a 1.5 naturally aspirated hybrid for lower models and a 2.0 L naturally aspirated engine for higher trims. The new 1.5 L naturally aspirated hybrid will have 36% fewer parts, providing about 43% efficiency, making it cheaper to produce and more efficient.

Future Prospects

Toyota has developed a 1.5 hybrid turbo, but for now, it’s either a hybrid with naturally aspirated or a turbocharged engine, not both.

The next-gen gasoline engines will not be here for another year or two, but we have a lot to be excited about. The new 2027 Corolla looks better than ever, promising advancements in design, technology, and efficiency.

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