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2025 Triumph Trident Triple Tribute Revealed

  • Triumph unveils the 2025 Trident Triple Tribute, honoring Slippery Sam.
  • Features include a special color scheme and additional enhancements.
  • Slippery Sam was a legendary racer in the 1970s, winning five Isle of Man TT races.
  • The bike boasts a powerful 660cc engine and advanced features.
  • Priced at $8,595, production is limited to one year, appealing to enthusiasts.

Triumph Motorcycles has just unveiled something special for all motorcycle fans out there: the 2025 Triumph Trident Triple Tribute. It’s not just any bike; it’s a tribute to one of Triumph’s greatest racing legends, Slippery Sam.

So, what’s so special about this bike? Well, imagine a sleek machine with a cool white, blue, and red color scheme inspired by the famous Slippery Sam. It’s got some extra features like a bellypan, a color-matched fly screen, and a quickshifter, all included as standard.

Now, let’s talk about Slippery Sam. Back in the 1970s, this bike was a racing sensation, winning five times in a row at the Isle of Man TT. It even got its name from a little oil mishap during a race. But hey, that didn’t stop it from becoming a legend.

Fast forward to today, and Triumph is bringing back that legendary vibe with the Trident Triple Tribute. With a powerful 660cc engine and top-notch suspension and brakes, this bike isn’t just about looks—it’s got the performance to match.


And here’s the best part: despite all its cool features and homage to history, the price tag is surprisingly affordable at $8,595. But you better act fast because Triumph is only making these for one year.

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