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2025 RAM Rebel X Review: Top Features and Specs

This is the 2025 Ram Rebel X, which is also a high-performance off-road truck but at a more affordable price tag. The X stands for 10 years, as that’s how long this very successful version has been on sale. So, is this the new Ram truck for you? Well, let’s go hands-on and take a detailed first look to find out.

Exterior Design

2025 RAM 1500 Rebel X Exterior Design
2025 RAM 1500 Rebel X Exterior Design

The Rebel X is part of Ram’s new lineup of sport trucks, meaning it shares a good amount with the Big Brother, the R, that we were just looking at. A lot of that is seen up here in the front. Now, of course, it’s not as wide as that model, but it has many aggressive elements such as a unique grill with big Ram branding.

You’ve got the black finish that goes around the outside edge, and this bumper area here is also the same. Now we have our recovery hooks, quite a lot of ground clearance, and although we don’t have an exact figure yet, overall, it has a great look. I especially like the flared hood with the black finish and specific branding.

Lighting and Wheels

2025 RAM 1500 Rebel X Lighting and Wheels
2025 RAM 1500 Rebel X Lighting and Wheels

In terms of lighting, you are going to have an LED headlight. This is a reflector LED headlight, and our daytime running light is this little piece right here.


Then you also have LED fog lights down below. Moving on to our wheel area, we are going to have 18-inch alloy wheels with a gloss black finish. Very importantly, we have some aggressive off-road tires.

These are 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler tires, and you’re also going to have Billstein shocks inside. Around the wheel arches, there is a matte black finish, Ram branding, a monotone finish on the lower part, and a gloss black finish on the mirrors.

Paint and Rear Design

2025 RAM 1500 Rebel X Paint and Rear Design
2025 RAM 1500 Rebel X Paint and Rear Design

The Rebel X is finished in the crew cab with the 5’7 bed. The Mojave sand color is exclusive to the Rebel X trim level, and I love the way it looks. Even in the studio, it looks fantastic with blacked-out door handles and big red Rebel X branding in the back three quarters.

Walking around to the rear design, you’ll see the same Ram look that buyers have loved for many years, with some 2025 improvements.

We have big Ram branding in the tailgate, a blacked-out piece for the tailgate handle, and a matte black lower diffuser area with dual integrated exhaust outlets, finished in a nice black color.

Towing Capacity

Regarding tow capacity, this Rebel X tows more than the RHO, with the RHO towing around 8,300 lbs and the Rebel X towing around 11,000 lbs.

This is something to keep in mind if you are heavy on towing. The Rebel X is still a pretty high-end truck with all available safety features. We can’t wait to show you the inside, so let’s dive into that.

Interior Overview

Inside, the Rebel X features a standard Rebel, a level two equipment group, and the X, which is like a level three equipment group. This is the highest-end Rebel you can get, with very nice finishes and technology.

The seats are full leather with special red accents throughout the cabin, suede inserts, and a lot of red stitching with a big X at the top. The seats have a lot of adjustability, including four-way lumbar support.

Cabin Materials and Technology

Once inside, you’ll notice luxurious materials such as leather on the door trim, faux carbon fiber trim, soft-touch plastic along the top, and a leather-like finish across the top of the dashboard.

Hard plastic is found down the console area, and there’s Rebel branding on top of the center console. In terms of technology, you’ll have a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster with individualized graphics, a head-up display, a nice leather-wrapped steering wheel with flat bottom design and paddle shifters, and manual tilt and telescoping.

Interior Storage and Controls

For interior storage, there’s lots of it. Unlike the RHO, which has a rotary dial shifter, the Rebel X has a traditional style shifter, which takes up some space but still leaves an enormous amount. You’ll find a sport drive mode controller with different modes and a custom drive mode.

Audio and Display Systems

The Rebel X comes with a Harmon Kardon audio system, a high-end 14.5-inch display with Uconnect 5.0 software, wireless Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Climate controls are located on both sides of the display.

Additionally, there’s a passenger display to view the trail camera. The highest-end digital camera rearview mirror, HomeLink remotes, and a panoramic sunroof are also included.

Rear Seat Features

In the rear seat, the Rebel X has a ton of space with 45 inches of legroom, reclining rear seats, a velcro patch for off-roading goodies, two cup holders, vents, four USB ports, heated rear seats, a household outlet, and a center console with more cup holders.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the Rebel X has a hurricane engine, a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder making about 420 horsepower, an 8-speed automatic transmission, and a four-wheel-drive system with various settings. Fuel economy is yet to be rated by the EPA, but we’ll have that information when we take it out for a drive.

Pricing and Availability

In terms of pricing, the Rebel X is more affordable than the fully loaded RHO. The Rebel X is around $68,000 compared to the RHO’s $80,000. If you’re looking to buy a Ram 1500 or any new vehicle, visit Car Confections’ website for the best local deals and invoice pricing information.

RAM says the Rebel X will be available very soon, while the Ram R will be available in Q3 of 2024. We hope you enjoyed this in-depth review of the 2025 Ram Rebel X.

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