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2025 RAM 1500 Big Horn Night Edition: Complete Review and Test Drive

In today’s blog post, I’m going to be reviewing the 2025 Ram 1500 Big Horn Night Edition. A huge thank you to Erica Ramsey over here at Coons Tyson CDJR for allowing me to do this.

Exterior Overview

It’s another beautiful spring day in VA, so just like usual, I’m first going to talk about the exterior and the performance. This is a 2025 Ram 1500 Big Horn Night Edition, and this particular one has been painted in the $245 Diamond Black Crystal Pearl coat.

I wanted to preface this video by saying that for 2025, Ram refreshed the 1500 inside and out with updated looks, a new optional powertrain, and more interior technology. Being the Big Horn, as standard, you get LED headlights with automatic high beams, low beam daytime running lights, standard turn signals, and LED fog lights.

This one happens to be optioned with the $2,545 Night Edition, which gives you the black headlight bezel. In addition to the black headlight bezel, the Night Edition also gives you the satin black mesh grille with the gloss black grille surround and your black Ram logo located at the center of the grille.


One thing I wanted to point out before moving on is that Ram kind of lazed out for 2025 here. You can see underneath, it looks like there should be a forward-facing camera that would work with your 360° view camera system.

However, this one has not been optioned with a 360° view camera system, and I’m pretty sure you can’t get a 360° view camera system on the Big Horn. So, the provisions for the front camera are still there, but this one has not been optioned with one. Kind of lazy, just figured I’d point that out.

With the Night Edition, you get the body-color front bumper. A couple of standard features up here at the front end include the six forward-facing sensors, and you get 8.6 inches of running ground clearance with the Big Horn.

Coming down the side, you get body-color wheel arch moldings, and with the Night Edition, you get the black exterior badging. Hence, you have the black 1500 with the blue lettering for the eTorque badging.

As mentioned, you get the body-color wheel arch moldings here, and this one being optioned with the Night Edition, you get these 20-inch satin black wheels wrapped in 275/55 Bridgestone Dueler HL all-season tires. I’m going to give you a view of the tread pattern on these tires here real quick.

If you are not a fan of the satin black wheels, there are a few other wheel options. However, if you want the Night Edition, these are the wheels that come with that package. Coming up the side, a couple of things I wanted to say here.

With the Level 2 Equipment Group, you get the same features I’m about to mention, which you also get with the Night Edition. This one’s been optioned with the Level 2 Equipment Group as well as the Night Edition, and with both of those options, you get the black mirror caps with integrated turn signals.

Both of those packages, these side-view mirrors are heated and power-folding. The driver-side mirror is auto-dimming. You also get the convex mirrors on the upper left-hand side of your driver-side mirror and on the upper right-hand side of your passenger-side mirror. You also get the puddle light right here, which is an LED puddle light. All of that comes with either the Level 2 Equipment Group and/or the Night Edition.

I’m pretty sure with the Night Edition, if you opt for it, it comes with the Level 2 Equipment Group. You can option the Level 2 Equipment Group alone, but you can’t option the Night Edition alone. The Night Edition comes with the Level 2 Equipment Group. Also, as standard, you get blind spot monitoring.

I’m going to step back and give you a side profile shot of the 2025 1500. It looks very similar to the 2019-2024 1500 from the side profile. The only real differences are here, here, and the new wheel designs. Other than that, the cab looks pretty much the exact same.

With that in mind, you get the satin black window trim here, and with the Night Edition, you get the gloss black door handles. You do not get keyless access. You also get the satin black Ram lettering on the front two doors. Working my way down the side, you get a capless filler neck behind your fuel door.

When you open that up, 87 octane will do you just fine with this thing. Working my way up to the roof, you get a satin black shark fin antenna. You get the halogen third brake light as well as the halogen cargo lights. This one, being optioned with the Level 2 Equipment Group, you get the power sliding rear window with the rear window defroster.

This being a Ram, this is nothing new to the 1500. However, all Ram 1500s come with the coil spring suspension unless you opt for the air suspension or you get the Bilstein adaptive dampers with the TRX. The Big Horn comes with a coil spring suspension; no leaf springs here with the Ram 1500.

I apologize, there’s probably going to be a little bit of messing up with the audio with this 18-wheeler coming on down. You get incandescent tail lights as standard. The Ford F-150 XLT also comes with incandescent tail lights. However, with the Night Edition on the Big Horn, you do get the black tail light bezel.

That is what it looks like. It looks pretty sick; it’s basically like tinted out tail lights. Here is a rear 3/4 shot of this thing. Love the way the Night Edition looks, especially all blacked out with the black exterior paint. The Night Edition also gives you the badging back here in satin black as well as the satin black tailgate handle.

You get a backup camera as standard, and with the Level 2 Equipment Group, you get the power tailgate release. You can drop it from inside and lock the tailgate from the button on the key fob. When you lock this, I believe this also locks as well. Yes, it does. Pressing the unlock button, you also get a dampened tailgate.

Back here, no spray-in bed liner; a spray-in bed liner does not come as standard. You get a tie-down hook in each corner for a total of four tie-down hooks. Closing this back up, the tailgate is very light and easy to close, which is definitely nice.

A couple of other things I wanted to mention while we were back here: with the Night Edition, you get the body-color rear bumper as standard, four integrated parking sensors, a class 4 hitch as standard, and a few other standard features. You get a two-speed transfer case, a 3.21 rear axle ratio.

The Night Edition gives you the anti-spin differential rear axle and a max payload capacity of 1,680 lb. The max tow capacity is around 11,600 lb, but I would estimate this thing can probably pull between 7,000 and 8,500 lb.

Performance Overview

2025 RAM 1500 Big Horn Performance Overview
2025 RAM 1500 Big Horn Performance Overview

That covers the exterior of this particular Big Horn. Let me know your opinions on Ram for the 2025 model year. Ram also did away with the LED daytime running lights on the 2025 Laramie; not quite sure why they did that other than cost savings.

I really dig the way this Night Edition is spec’d. With that out of the way, let’s move into the performance. Popping open the hood reveals the standard 3.6L eTorque V6 that makes 305 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission for a 0-60 time in 7 1/2 seconds. For fuel economy, you can achieve 19 MPG in the city, 24 MPG on the highway for 21 MPG combined with four-wheel drive.

Here are the available engine options:

EngineAdditional CostHorsepowerTorque (lb-ft)0-60 Time (Seconds)
3.6L eTorque V6Standard3052717.5
3.0L Hurricane I6$2,695420469N/A
Performance Overview

If it were me specing a Big Horn Night Edition, I would choose the optional 3.0L Hurricane engine. I just did a video with a Laramie with that engine; it was great. It doesn’t have the sound of the 5.7L, obviously. I think Ram should have kept the 5.7L V8 as an option even though the Hurricane is a great motor.

If you’re enjoying the video so far today, please give it a big thumbs up and hit that subscribe button. I’m on my journey to 100,000 subscribers and cannot reach my goal without your support. Please take a second to like, comment, and subscribe. With that out of the way, let’s move into the interior.

Interior Overview

Moving on into the interior, as mentioned earlier, you do not get keyless access, but you do get a couple of ways to get into the interior. You can press the unlock button on the key fob or take your physical key out of the fob and stick it in the keyhole.

Obviously, that’s way extra, so I’m just pressing the unlock button. This is what the key fob looks like, same as the 2019-2024 model years.

Going over the functions on the key fob, starting from the top, you have your unlock function, lock function, tailgate drop function, remote start function, and panic function. To remote start, press this button twice and she’ll fire right up.

That is what the 3.6L sounds like being fired up from the exterior. As soon as I open the door, it’s going to shut off because it’s low on fuel. Watch this; it turns right off. We are low on fuel, hence why it does that.

This one being optioned with the Night Edition, you get the cloth bucket seats with the center console, whereas otherwise, this would be a bench seat six-passenger configuration. This makes the Night Edition totally worth it. Being optioned with the $2,770 Level 2 Equipment Group, you get the eight-way power driver seat with two-way power lumbar.

There are the controls for the seat. I’m going to get into this stuff here in a second because we are going to start with the driver-side door panel. Up top, you get some vinyl wrapping, some cloth, and some gray trim. Here are your power side view mirror controls.

Press this button to power fold in or out your side view mirrors. You get automatic up and down windows in the front; you do not get automatic up or down windows in the back. This restricts your passenger window privileges. You have your unlock and lock functions.

This right here is all new for 2025. They finally did away with the same window controls they’ve been using for like 10 years, so now you get the updated window controls.

There’s one change for 2025. You get a spot to set your phone right here, tons of storage space. This one being optioned with the Level 2 Equipment Group, you get the nine-speaker Alpine sound system with a built-in subwoofer. Here is a speaker to go along with that sound system.

This one has been optioned with the Level 2 Equipment Group, so you get heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. I also like that Rams get the adjustable headrest, so you can move them forwards and backwards. You get like 10 levels of adjustability with the headrest, very nice for long road trips.

Stepping into the interior, let’s hear what this thing sounds like when you close the door. Now let’s fire it up. That is what the V6 sounds like being fired up from the interior’s perspective. Now I’m going to walk you through the entire interior. Up top, you get a grab handle, then you get your HVAC vent.

That vent is for the window defroster. You have your headlight controls: off, daytime running lights, headlights, and automatic. That’s to turn fog lights on, for your cargo lights in the bed area, and to brighten and/or dim your gauge cluster as well as your backlit buttons.

I don’t know what this is; let me know in the comments down below. Beneath that, you get an electronic parking brake. When it lights up in red, it is engaged. Push your foot on the brake, push against that, and it will disengage. This one being optioned with the Level 2 Equipment Group, you get the power adjustable pedals.

This is going to push the pedals away from you, and pushing up like that is going to bring the pedals back towards you. That’s what those controls are for.

When you flip this down, it gives you access to your manual tilting and telescoping steering wheel, meaning you can push the steering wheel away from you, bring it towards you, and it also moves down and up. Once you find your comfortable position, lock it back into place.

Let’s take a listen to the turn signal. That is what the turn signal sounds like on the Ram. This is also your high beam control stock and windshield wiper control stock. Zooming out, this is what the steering wheel looks like, pretty much the same as the 2019-2024 model years.

Being optioned with the Level 2 Equipment Group, you get the leather-wrapped steering wheel, and it is also heated. You also get the voice command button and the drive mode selector, all part of the Level 2 Equipment Group.

Going through the steering wheel controls, starting with the controls on the back side of the steering wheel, you have your tuning controls on the left side and your volume controls on the right side. These four arrows and the OK button control your 7-inch digital gauge cluster, which is located at the center of your dash.

The digital gauge cluster comes with the Level 2 Equipment Group. This is to speak to the vehicle and pick up on a phone call. The speak-to-vehicle feature comes with the Level 2 Equipment Group. This is to hang up on a phone call. You have your different drive modes down here.

The drive mode selector is part of the Level 2 Equipment Group. The gear limiter is for selecting a top gear for the transmission.

As standard with the Big Horn, you get adaptive cruise control with stop and go. Here are your adaptive cruise control settings. You have your horn at the center. Let’s take a listen. That is what the horn sounds like on the Ram. Moving into our gauge cluster, you can see the Ram logo up top, which is illuminated.

You have your tachometer, coolant temperature gauge, speedometer, and fuel gauge. At the center, the 7-inch screen is part of the Level 2 Equipment Group. Right now, it’s displaying the digital speedometer readout. You have your battery voltage, coolant temperature, transmission status, and odometer.

To control that screen, you have these buttons and the OK button. Clicking the OK button switches between miles per hour and kilometers per hour.

Clicking down one brings up your driver information. Clicking down one more brings up all your vehicle information, such as fuel economy, gauge summary, temperatures, pressures, oil life, battery voltage, tire pressure, stop-start system, and drive modes. The drive mode selector is part of the Level 2 Equipment Group. You have sport mode, tow mode, snow mode, automatic mode, off-road mode, and sport mode. I would leave it in automatic mode.

Clicking down one more, you have your trip information, trip A and trip B. You have your audio information, stored messages, and screen setup. Clicking OK allows you to adjust what you see in various areas of the screen. For example, you can change the information displayed at the top to show the compass, outside temperature, time, range, average economy, fuel economy, trip A, trip B, or none.

Moving on, you have three speakers, one on each side of the dash and one in the center. You have push-button start and a rotary dial gear shifter with a two-speed transfer case.

This gives you four-wheel drive high, four-wheel drive low, two-wheel drive, and four-wheel automatic. Pressing this button puts you into true neutral for flat towing behind an RV. This button turns your automatic stop-start system on or off.

Above the infotainment system, you have a 12V power outlet and some storage space. You have your lane-keeping system on or off button, hazard lights button, and the 12-inch Uconnect 5 infotainment system with built-in navigation, wireless Apple CarPlay, and wireless Android Auto connectivity. The Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control system is part of the Level 2 Equipment Group. You have temperature controls, fan speed controls, volume control knob, and tuning control knob.

At the bottom of the screen, you have shortcut buttons for home, media, comfort, phone, vehicle, and settings. This is your mute button, screen off button, heated seat and steering wheel controls, and temperature controls.

Beneath the screen, you have traction control on or off, parking sensors on or off, and USB ports. You get two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, an auxiliary jack, and a wireless charging pad. This is an iPhone 14 Pro Max on the wireless charging pad.

You also get a 115V household power outlet and storage space. You can move this forward and backward for two cup holders, coin holders, and miscellaneous storage space. You get a nicely padded armrest with additional storage space and a USB-A port. Opening it up fully reveals more storage space and an LED light.

You get an upper glove box with the Big Horn badging, which is illuminated, and a lockable lower glove box with a decent amount of storage space. You get an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a spot for your sunglasses, and LED front reading lights.

Pressing this button twice drops the tailgate, and another button controls whether the lights turn on when you open the doors. You get a vanity mirror with two vanity lights, and the visor itself slides forward and backward.

The seats are very comfortable, maybe not quite as comfortable as the F-150 seats, but still very comfortable. Now I’m going to show you the window sticker on screen, highlighting the options and the Level 2 Equipment Group. The MSRP of this particular 2025 Ram 1500 Big Horn Night Edition is $59,090.

Rear Seat Features

Moving to the rear seats, you get the same tech-style materials on the door panel, a spot for your phone, a speaker, storage space, and a cup holder. These two Ram boxes come with the Level 2 Equipment Group, providing good storage space. You can flip the seats up for flat storage space.

The rear seats look nice and include a center fold-down armrest. Stepping into the rear seats, you get a spot for your dry cleaning, seatback pockets, two cup holders, two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, a phone holder, two HVAC vents, and a 115V household power outlet. The center fold-down armrest includes two cup holders.

When it comes to knee and legroom, I’ve got plenty of space. For headroom, I have a lot as well. I am 5’9″ and adjusted behind myself. That covers the interior. Now let’s see what this thing is like to drive. I’ll see you in the driver’s seat.

Driving Experience

2025 RAM 1500 Big Horn Driving Experience
2025 RAM 1500 Big Horn Driving Experience

Now onto the driving portion. Take a listen. Remember, this one has the standard 3.6L V6. You can opt for the $2,695 3.0L Hurricane, which is a new engine for the 2025 model year, replacing the 5.7L Hemi V8. I think Ram should still offer an optional V8. The Hurricane is a great powertrain, but it doesn’t have the V8 sound. This engine isn’t too bad for most needs.

Here is a floored acceleration. It doesn’t sound too bad and isn’t super quick, but it’s not anemic either. A different axle ratio might wake this engine up a bit. I’ll do a regular acceleration onto the highway to 70 mph. Cruising at 70 mph, it’s very well insulated from outside noise. The lane-keeping system is on, keeping me within the lane. It’s a nice truck, and I wish it had the 5.7L V8.

Ram did a great job with the 2025 refresh, though some things could have been improved, like the front camera housing. Overall, it’s a great truck but expensive. If you agree, let me know in the comments. The Level 2 Equipment Group includes the nine-speaker Alpine sound system, which sounds fantastic.

That wraps up today’s blog post. If you enjoyed it, please comment, and share with your friends. Your support helps me grow and achieve my dreams. Thank you, and I’ll catch you in the next one. Peace.

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