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2025 BMW M5 Hybrid Review

The arrival of a new BMW M5 is always an event to look forward to, and this latest model is no exception. For the first time, the iconic M5 features a hybrid system that combines a mighty 585 horsepower V8 engine with an efficient electric motor.

This bold integration sparks both excitement and curiosity about the car’s overall weight, handling capabilities, and structural strength. We’re keen to put it to the test and share our insights, but before we do, let’s discuss the specifics that make this M5 a groundbreaking model in the BMW lineup.

Design and Aesthetics

As we take in the new M5, its presence is undeniable. The car sports a muscular stance with pronounced air intakes and aggressive lines that echo the youthful vigor of the M2.

It’s broader, bolder, and meaner, from the front fascia down to the rear, where the expansive diffuser and twin exhausts assert its performance credentials.


The integration of subtle yet distinct M touches like the Hoffmeister kink and a sizable rear carbon spoiler culminates in a design that’s both evolutionary and revolutionary.

Under the Hood

The new M5 isn’t just about looks; it’s packing serious tech under the hood. The heart of this beast is a V8 engine complemented by a sophisticated electric motor nestled between the engine and the transmission.

This setup not only boosts power but also efficiency, with a total output of 727 horsepower managed by an intelligent system that optimizes power delivery.

Intriguingly, the battery placement around the center in a horseshoe configuration ensures a low center of gravity, enhancing the car’s dynamic capabilities.

Dynamic Performance

BMW has made notable strides in weight management and rigidity, essential for translating that hybrid power into exhilarating performance.

The M5’s adaptive suspension is fine-tuned for agility, supported by a rigid chassis structure and enhanced steering systems that promise a responsive, engaging drive.

Even with a hybrid system adding weight, the car’s design and engineering mask those extra pounds to deliver a ride that feels nimble and spirited.

Interior and Comfort

Inside, the M5 matches its sporty exterior with an equally impressive cabin. The new M-specific seats and steering wheel not only provide comfort but also keep you firmly in control.

The illuminated M1 and M2 buttons allow for easy customization of driving modes, adapting the car from a serene, electric-powered cruiser to a ferocious, gas-powered beast at the push of a button.

Driving Impressions

On the track, the M5 feels alive with instantaneous power delivery reminiscent of AMG models, yet it retains the distinct M character with its finely tuned feedback and control.

Switching through the various driving modes transforms the car, offering everything from quiet efficiency to full-throttle excitement.

Despite the damp conditions during our test, the M5 proved its prowess, confidently handling each lap with precision and power.

Pricing and Final Thoughts

Ending on a high note, the new M5 starts at an astonishing £105,000—a price that undercuts many of its competitors while offering superior performance and technology. This aggressive pricing strategy is sure to shake up the market and attract a wide range of enthusiasts.

As we wrap up, the new BMW M5 leaves us more than just hopeful; it leaves us excited. It’s a hybrid that doesn’t compromise on power, a luxury car that’s as comfortable on the racetrack as it is on a long road trip.

Whether it’s a beacon of the future or a warning sign, only time will tell, but for now, the M5 shines brightly, promising a thrilling continuation of the M legacy.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore this incredible machine on roads less forgiving than the racetrack to see if it truly lives up to the M pedigree.

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