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1988 Ford F150 XLT Lariat: A Time Capsule on Wheels

Step back in time with us as we explore a true automotive time capsule: the 1988 Ford F150 XLT Lariat. This remarkable truck, with only 10,200 miles on it, remains almost completely original and is in pristine condition. Join us on this journey as we delve into the details of this classic vehicle, available for sale at the Volo Auto Museum.

The Journey Begins

This truck’s story begins in Georgia, where the original owner bought it but unfortunately passed away just a year later with only 3,000 miles on it. The family held onto the truck until 2001, preserving its condition meticulously. I acquired it from a Georgia collector with a stunning 50-car collection, complete with neon lights and signs. When I say this truck is like new, I truly mean it.

Exterior Features

The truck retains its factory-original paint in a beautiful Cabernet red with silver two-tone, an optional feature. The body is immaculate with no rust, door dings, or scratches. It’s as if the truck has been kept in a bubble, protected from the usual wear and tear.

This model includes optional pinstripe tape, actual painted pinstripes, bed rails, and tie-downs. Noteworthy are the dual fuel doors, an optional feature for a dual fuel tank.


The door handles, mirrors, and all glass components are in excellent condition, still bearing the original stickers. The anodized trim remains unscratched, reflecting the truck’s careful preservation.

Front and Rear Details

As an XLT Lariat, the truck features a chrome-heavy front with slight discoloration on the chrome in one spot, possibly from a drip. It boasts all the Deluxe model additions, including black rub strips and bumper guards. The halogen lights are in top condition.

The deluxe wheels, an optional upgrade, now sport new tires, although the original ones are stored away due to their age.

The sliding rear window, rubber seals, and glass are in excellent shape. The truck also features the light group with a cargo light. Remarkably, the brushed aluminum or stainless panel at the rear remains unscratched. This level of preservation is unusual and impressive. The optional chrome step bumper is also in excellent condition.

Interior Excellence

Opening the truck reveals an interior that matches the exterior’s exceptional condition. The optional stainless trim on top of the tailgate is intact, and the tailgate itself functions perfectly. The bed looks like it has only ever hauled cotton balls and pillows, free from any dents or scratches.

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Immaculate Interior

Inside, the door jams are immaculate with factory ink stamps still visible. The deluxe interior includes power windows, power locks, carpeted storage areas, and wood grain accents on the dash. The plastic components are unbroken and in excellent shape.

With only 10,260 miles, this truck features an optional tachometer. All interior components, including stickers, vents, and manuals, are in mint condition. The original owner’s manuals and a deluxe Marty report, which details all options and production numbers, are included. The truck has passed a thorough inspection.

Behind the Seat

Even behind the seat, you can see the original assembly line markings. These tell the story of the truck’s production and have never been cleaned off. The light package includes map lights, and the cloth headliner is in perfect condition, without any drooping. The visors, vanity mirror, and all other components are mint.

The leather-wrapped, tilt steering wheel includes cruise control buttons. The deluxe stereo system features an optional AM/FM cassette stereo.

Under the Hood

Under the hood lies a 5.0L electronic fuel injection engine, all original and impeccably clean. The stickers, finishes, hoses, and components look brand new, showing how well this truck has been preserved. The jack, never removed since 1988, and the battery, likely replaced, are in place. The motor compartment is impressively clean.

Undercarriage and Final Thoughts

Even the truck’s underside is exceptional, with factory undercoat on the floors, fresh components, and no surface rust. The handling package includes sway bars front and back, with dual gas tanks and a presumably original spare tire. The disc brakes in front and drum brakes in the rear, along with the exhaust system, look like new.

In conclusion, this 1988 Ford F150 XLT Lariat is a rare find, a true time capsule in like-new condition. Visit for more information and to find out how to make this exceptional truck yours. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned for more classic vehicles. Thanks for reading!

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