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Who Owns Mazda Motor Company?

Uncover the ownership status of Mazda Motor Company. Explore Mazda’s evolution from its founding to its current status as an independent entity.

Who Owns Mazda Motor Company?

So, who owns Mazda? Well, back in the day, Ford had a big part of it, but they sold their shares in 2015. Since then, Mazda’s been doing its own thing.

Now, where are Mazda cars made? All over! They’ve got factories in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and more. And get this, they’re even building a new one in Alabama, USA, with Toyota.

The name “Mazda” comes from a mix of Persian mythology and the founder’s name, Jujiro Matsuda. Pretty neat, right?


So, Mazda’s all about doing things their own way, making cars people love, and they’re always looking ahead to what’s next.

The Fascinating Story Behind the Name “Mazda”

Ever wondered how Mazda got its name? Well, it all started in 1920 when the company was known as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd., making cork products. Fast forward to 1931, they introduced their first vehicle, the “Mazda-go” tricycle truck.

But why “Mazda”? The name “Mazda-go” was chosen because it was managed by a man named Matsuda. However, they spelled it “Mazda” instead of “Matsuda” for a special reason.

The name “Mazda” actually comes from Ahura Mazda, an ancient god symbolizing harmony and wisdom. They saw it as a blend of Eastern and Western cultures, representing the beginning of automotive civilization.

Renaming the company to Mazda Motor Corporation wasn’t just a name change; it showed their commitment to global peace and innovation in the automotive industry. Plus, it was a respectful nod to the company’s founder, whose name sounded like “Mazda.”

Past CEO’s & Leadership

Mazda has seen its fair share of leaders over the years, each leaving their mark on the company’s journey. Here’s a snapshot of the presidents and CEOs who have steered Mazda through the decades:

President/CEOYears in Office
Jujiro Matsuda1920–1951
Tsuneji Matsuda1952–1970
Kouhei Matsuda1970–1977
Yoshiki Yamasaki1977–1984
Kenichi Yamamoto1984–1987
Masanori Furuta1987–1991
Yoshihiro Wada1991–1996
Henry Wallace1996–1997
James E. Miller1997–1999
Mark Fields1999–2002
Lewis Booth2002–2003
Hisakazu Imaki2003–2008
Takashi Yamanouchi2008–2013
Masamichi Kogai2013–2018
Akira Marumoto2018–2023
Masahiro MoroSince June 2023
Past CEO’s & Leadership

Mazda Production and Sales Results for July 2023

let’s start with production. Mazda’s been busy making cars, with domestic production up by 3.2% compared to last year. That’s over 72,000 units rolling off the assembly line! And overseas, they’ve also been cranking them out, with a slight increase of 1.2%.

Now, onto sales. In Japan, Mazda sold over 15,000 vehicles in July, a modest increase of 2.2%. But when it comes to exports, there’s been a bit of a dip, down by 12.4%. It seems like they’re facing some challenges in regions like Europe and Oceania.

But here’s the exciting part—globally, Mazda’s sales have been booming! They sold over 101,000 units worldwide, marking an impressive 18.6% increase. The U.S., Europe, and other regions are really loving those Mazda cars.

Overall, it’s been a mixed bag for Mazda in July, but with strong global sales, it looks like they’re still driving ahead with confidence.


In conclusion, Mazda Motor Company stands as an independent entity, no longer under the ownership of Ford Motor Company or any other major corporation.

While Ford once held a significant stake in Mazda, they sold their shares in 2015, allowing Mazda to operate autonomously ever since.

This independence has allowed Mazda to continue its legacy of innovation, craftsmanship, and dedication to excellence in the automotive industry.

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