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Popular Car Manufacturers Grappling with $6,000 Losses on EVs

A recent report by Boston Consulting Group reveals a challenging reality for traditional car manufacturers in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Despite growing interest in EVs, legacy automakers are struggling financially, with each electric car sold resulting in an average loss of $6,000.

The reluctance of legacy automakers to fully embrace EV production stems from their inability to generate sustainable profits in this domain.

Despite the potential for growth, many are hesitant to invest heavily in EV manufacturing, fearing continued financial losses.

Boston Consulting Group’s analysis highlights several key factors contributing to legacy automakers’ struggles in the EV market. These include the high cost of production, inefficiencies in manufacturing processes, and a reliance on outdated internal combustion engine platforms for EV production.


These factors not only increase production costs but also compromise the quality and competitiveness of EV offerings.

Moreover, partnerships and joint ventures between automakers and suppliers are touted as essential for driving greater scale and reducing production costs.

However, the report emphasizes that significant upfront investments and individual model risks pose significant challenges to such collaborations.

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