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Is the 2025 Infiniti QX80 Autograph the New Luxury SUV Champion?

Is the 2025 Infiniti QX80 Autograph the New Luxury SUV Champion?
Is the 2025 Infiniti QX80 Autograph the New Luxury SUV Champion?

This is the all-new 2025 Infiniti QX80. Now we showed you guys a first look review a couple of weeks ago, going over all the details of this new QX80, but we have even more details to share. So that’s what we’re going to be diving into in this article. Let’s go ahead and get into it.

2025 Infiniti QX80 Exterior Design

All right, so let’s go ahead and get started with the exterior design. I do want to point out that we are on a media drive here in Napa, California, and Drew was not able to join in on this trip. So it’s just going to be me manning the camera, and that’s why I’m going to be behind the camera just kind of pointing out the details of this new QX80.

Now, like I mentioned, we do have more specs and trim details for this model, so we’re going to go ahead and dive into some of those details you might want to know.

Starting out here with the exterior design, you can see that we have a completely new look for 2025. Of course, it’s going to be a very bold design. That’s really the name of the game when it comes to flagship luxury three rows is to make a bold design that stands out, and certainly we have that here with the QX80. Starting out up here in the front, you will notice that we have a fully blacked-out grill.


Now, the reason for that is because we actually have the top-end autograph model. Now, this autograph is the new top trim level of the QX80. It’s going to have every conceivable feature that you may want, and of course, do keep in mind there are lower trim levels available to have a more affordable price tag.

It’s blacked out for the autograph model, but you can also get a chrome grill for some of the other trim levels. As far as the lighting is concerned, I want to talk about this.

We have a new split headlight design for this QX80. Up here at the top, this is your daytime running light. It also doubles as your turn signal indicator, and in addition to that, it also has welcome animations. Part of having a flagship luxury SUV is those bougie touches. It is a very cool setup when you see it at night time, which I’ll go ahead and insert a video clip of. It really makes you feel special.

Now, the actual headlight unit itself is going to be a full LED setup that’s integrated down here. There’s your low beam and your high beam. They’re going to be a projector-style LED. In addition to that, we also have a lighted Infinity logo, so people are going to be able to see what this is even at nighttime.

Now, as we drop down to the lower area, you will notice that we do have a pretty good amount of ground clearance. This is actually adjustable because this QX80 is coming with an air suspension. You can adjust this suspension height up to about 2 inches. Your maximum ride height is around 10 inches.

Wheel Designs and Other Exterior Features

Moving along to the wheel designs, let’s go ahead and talk about this. No flagship would be complete without really good-looking wheels, and indeed we are going to find those on the QX80. These are a special 22-inch alloy for the autograph trim level.

As a matter of fact, actually all versions of the QX80 besides the base pure model will come with 22-inch wheels this year. So that’s certainly nice to see those nice big wheels on almost all of the models. I do also want to point out that you have the body color wheel surrounds, which is a nice premium touch.

Moving on up, we’re actually going to keep the hood port over here. That’s kind of a little bit of a throwback to previous QX80 and QX56 models. Checking out our mirror, you will notice that we do have a gloss black finish on this model. In addition to that, these mirrors are going to be fully loaded.

You’re going to have heating, blind spot monitoring, power folding, as well as driver-side auto-dimming on all versions. You do also get passenger-side auto-dimming on your higher-end QX80.

Now, moving on to the side of the QX80, you are going to notice this is a very big vehicle. As a matter of fact, it’s about 21 inches long for 2025, which is up about 2 inches over the previous generation model.

A really important point to talk about here is that we are riding on an all-new platform for 2025, so that is definitely something to keep in mind. In terms of design touches, you will notice that we have the flush mount door handles. That’s actually going to be a new feature for this new model. It looks really cool when the door handles are sucked in.

In addition to that, you will notice that we have a blacked-out roof on this QX80 autograph. Do also be aware you can get a silver roof if you prefer that. So that would be a really cool look to have kind of a black model with a silver roof up top. Very unique for the segment.

As we head to the rear 3/4, you will notice specific autograph branding. We have that floating roof effect. Heading around to the rear design, I really like the way this vehicle looks. It does have a few more similarities to the previous generation here in the back as compared to the front, but overall the look is very different for 2025.

Tail Lights and Rear Design

2025 Infiniti QX80 Tail Lights and Rear Design
2025 Infiniti QX80 Tail Lights and Rear Design

One of the main design touches would be your tail lights back here. As you can see, we do have a full-length LED tail light. I do want to point out you’re not going to get the fancy animations back here in the tail light unit like you would in the front, but overall it’s still a really nice looking tail light.

As far as the elements themselves, they are going to be full LED as you would expect out of a flagship. In terms of other design touches, we do have Infinity branding back here. It is going to be finished in a nice smoked color. I do really like that they’re kind of going with a dark theme for this autograph.

Over here, you have your QX80 branding, four-wheel drive branding. This lower bumper area is going to be pretty similar to the outgoing model. You will notice that you don’t have exposed exhaust outlets. That’s not going to be available on any QX80.

However, I do want to mention your tow rating. It’s 8500 lb, which is really really good tow capacity for this segment of vehicle to be standard. Now when it comes to your safety systems, of course, this is a flagship luxury SUV. You expect to have a lot of safety features, and indeed you are going to have all of them as standard equipment.

Safety Systems

2025 Infiniti QX80 Autograph
2025 Infiniti QX80 Autograph

As a matter of fact, you’re going to have all four of your active safety features, including adaptive cruise control on all models. However, the thing I do want to point out is that on your higher-end versions, you’re going to get ProPilot 2.1, which is a more advanced version of ProPilot.

That actually allows for some hands-free highway driving on controlled access highways. We’ve seen that debut on a lot of other flagships, and you are going to have that here on the QX80.

But guys, there’s a really lovely cabin that I absolutely cannot wait to show you. So let’s go ahead and dive into that. But first, if you’re new here, we’re brothers and we’ve been reviewing cars since we were 12 and 16.

Interior Overview

All right, so there is a lot to talk about when it comes to the interior of this vehicle. Let’s go ahead and get into that. Like I mentioned, we now have full specifications, which we didn’t in our previous review. I’m excited to share those with you. First off, here’s your key fob.

It’s actually a new key fob for the Infiniti brand. As you can see, we have Infiniti spelled out across the back. We do have a remote start that’s going to be integrated on the fob itself. I will say though, this fob is still pretty light and cheap feeling overall, so do keep that in mind.

As far as the door handles, when you approach the vehicle, that’s actually when these flush mount door handles are going to go ahead and pop out. It really does kind of create that cool ambiance, especially paired with the welcome lighting. Just grab behind the door handle, that’s going to open it up. Then check out the interior of this QX80. Inside here, we are going to have next levels of luxury for the Infiniti brand and also next levels of technology as well. So let’s go ahead and dive into that.

Seats and Comfort

2025 Infiniti QX80 Seats and Comfort
2025 Infiniti QX80 Seats and Comfort

First, I do want to point out your seats and all the information about them. Starting with your seats, as you can tell, we do have a really nice seat. Starting on the pure model, you will actually have a leatherette seat, so keep that in mind. The Luxe will add a real leather seat, and you have several different color choices for those. However, once you get to the sensory, that’s where you’re going to get this semi-aniline leather seat. This is a really nice seat. As you can just feel immediately when you touch this seat, it is just so incredibly supple and nice. These are also very comfortable seats overall.

As far as the color is concerned, you are noticing here on this autograph trim level, we have a special burgundy color option. This is exclusive to the autograph trim level. It’s the only way you’re going to get this, and it just has a very nice look to it. You’re also noticing that we have speakers built into the headrest.

I’ll talk a little bit more about the audio system a little later in this video, but that’s just showing you a little bit in advance how good that audio system is going to be.

As we drop down to the seat itself, we do have a 10-way power seat. You either have two-way or four-way lumbar support on this autograph. You will notice that we have the four-way lumbar support.

Also, if you choose the sensory or above, you’ll get the adjusting bolsters as well as this button right here, which is your massaging seat. Lots of adjustments here. You’re also going to have standard memory seats on all QX80s. Let’s go ahead and hop inside.

Hopping inside, I do want to point out you’re going to have fixed running boards. You do not have a power running board option. That’s not offered on this new QX80. Also not offered on this new QX80 is soft-closed doors, so you’re just going to have a standard door setup. You really have to shut your own door. How unfortunate is that?

Interior Material Quality

Just joking. Now, as far as the interior is concerned, of course, there’s an all-new design here. We’ll dive into that. But first, let’s go ahead and talk about material quality. Over here on the door trim, we do have a really nice one.

It’s a two-tone black and red combination. We have red all through here, leatherette or leather going all the way through the top part. It’s nicely stitched, and we have a beautiful, beautiful Ashwood trim going through here. We even have little metal inserts inside, so it really just has a very premium overall aesthetic.

As far as the upper dashboard, this is all going to be finished in a nice leather as well. We have some cool lighting going through here, leather all on the center section, more of that wood trim over on the passenger side. Then as we drop down to the center area, all of this is going to be covered in leather.

Nicely padded here, leather on your armrest portion. All of this is going to be kind of like a two-tone leather combination. It’s really visually appealing. Now, of course, you do have push-button start. Just put your foot on the brake, tap the button to start it up.

Technology and Features

Now that we’ve got it started up, let’s take a look at the technology. One thing I do want to just go ahead and point out is that we’re getting this video to you as early as possible. We want to provide you with all those details as soon as possible.

So we are actually under an embargo on this model, and I can’t tell you overall tech impressions, but I can tell you about the tech factually. When it comes to this, you are going to see that we have a 14.3-inch display. It’s actually part of a dual display setup, so both of these are 14.3 inches.

They have a really high resolution to them. As far as overall aesthetic, you can customize this display as well to several different design choices depending on what you’re going to want.

Moving on from that, we have a head-up display that’s actually standard equipment on all but the very base pure model. So I’m happy to see that the head-up display is on the vast majority of QX80s. Then as we head back to the steering wheel itself, we do have an all-new design for this 2025 QX80. It’s a really nice look to it.

I quite like the overall aesthetic of the steering wheel. You’ll notice that we do have Infinity spelled out, kind of stamped into the bottom of the steering wheel. It’s a very premium leather. That’s actually because on the higher-end models, the sensory and above, you’re going to get a premium grade of leather for the steering wheel.

I have to say, this is probably one of the nicest steering wheels I’ve ever touched, so I’m very happy with this steering wheel design. We do also have a leather-covered airbag cover.

Over here, you kind of have a piano black finish for your button controls. This, of course, will control your gauge cluster here. It also can double and control the screen as well. So if you don’t like fingerprints or whatnot, you can actually control it with this.

It’s kind of a dual function controller here. I do quite like that. That’s a neat idea. I want to point out that rain-sensing wipers are standard equipment, as is power tilt and telescoping on all QX80s. Additionally, a heated steering wheel is standard as well.

Interior Storage

Now, moving on to interior storage, let’s go ahead and discuss this. Now, I am on a bit of a time crunch here at this event here in Napa, so unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to get the donuts out and all of those things that you’re used to in our car Confections reviews.

We look forward to getting this vehicle on loan for a full 7-day test in the future. But you’ll notice that we do have a good-sized center console. Not only that, though, this button right here, we have a cool box. So here on this fully loaded autograph model, we actually have a center console that’s a cool box. That’s a really nice touch. It does actually keep your drinks chilled quite nicely.

Up in front of that, we do have this little cubby here. This is a wireless phone charging pad. It’s nicely felt lined. You have two USBs in there. You have cup holders off to the side of that, and then no storage behind the screen. However, we do have this whole area down here.

Let me see if I can get the camera down here. This is a center pass-through. You can fit a lot of different things in here. There’s also a 12-volt outlet. So compared to the previous generation, you’re going to have more storage, and I do like that because people really need their space in vehicles of this size.

Now, moving past that, we do have a new shifter design. That’s really the reason why we’re able to have additional storage spaces because we have a push-button style shifter. Just put your foot on the brake, tap D for drive. You can press it once more. That allows for manual shifting.

You can also use the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. R for reverse. When you go into reverse, you will see a standard 360° camera. All versions are going to have this camera setup.

This is a special 170° camera view. You can also press this, and that allows it to take up both of the 14.3-inch displays, so that gives you kind of the whole panoramic view of the camera system. You also have a 360° bird’s eye 3D view, allowing you to nicely spin around the vehicle.

Climate Control and Biometric Cooling

Now, moving past that, let’s go ahead and talk about this whole situation right here. As you can see, we do have a 9-inch display here that controls all of your climate controls. This is a touchscreen, as you can see, but I do want to point out that you do have haptic feedback through here.

So you actually kind of have to press into the screen itself to make those adjustments. Standard heated seats and ventilated seats are going to be on all but the very base model. You can adjust the front and rear climate through here. Here is your drive mode controller.

I do want to point out your climate is a three-zone setup, but that’s not the only cool thing with the climate because we actually do have biometric cooling. You’ll see this little emblem here. It says bio cool. What this does is it actually uses an infrared camera that’s mounted up here in the headliner, this camera right here.

What it does is measure your body temperature, and it allows the car to adjust the climate depending on how hot you are specifically. So it’s not just looking at the cabin temperature overall. It is measuring how hot you, the passenger, as well as the second-row people are, and it’s going to adjust the climate according to that. So that’s a really neat feature that we see here on the QX80.

They pointed out that it was kind of useful for when the cabin was cool, but maybe you got off of a run and you’re really really hot. The vehicle will be able to sense that. Now, moving past that, you will find a traditional volume knob. I like the placement of this volume knob. It’s right front and center.

That, of course, is going to control that audio system that I was alluding to earlier. Now, all versions of this QX80 are going to come with a new clip audio system.

So on the base models, it is going to have fewer speakers, but here on the autograph, we do have the highest version of the clip’s audio system. This is a 24-speaker 1200 watt audio system, and let’s go ahead and insert an audio sample.

Audio System

Now, as you could tell, that is a really impressive audio system. However, I do want to point out a special feature about this, and that’s that it actually allows specific information, such as phone calls and navigation instructions, to go specifically through the driver’s headrest only. So you have that ability to just inform the driver or have a private phone call without disturbing the rest of the vehicle. So that’s a nice feature that Infiniti is including with this audio system.

I already mentioned that this main display is 14.3 inches. Of course, it is going to be high resolution. As far as the overall system information here, you’re probably curious as to what type of software this is running. It’s actually running a Google built-in software.

So as you can see, Google Assistant will help you in any type of situation, and you do also have stuff like Google Maps built in. So that’s quite nice that you do have those systems integrated natively. Other things you might be curious about are wireless CarPlay, wireless Android Auto. Those are going to be also standard equipment on this display, so you can connect your phone like so.

As we head up, you’ll notice that we do have an auto-dimming interior mirror. We also have home link garage door openers here on the high-end QX80s. You’re also going to have the rear camera system. Also, on the autograph trim level, you’re going to find that we have a fully suede headliner.

This is a really nice premium touch, elevating the overall luxury experience. Also elevating that luxury experience is the fact that we do have a standard panoramic moonroof on all versions of the QX80. Happy to see that, especially on that lower price point model that you get this as standard equipment. I think that’s pretty impressive.

Rear Seat Area

You guys know I always cover the rear seat area, and there’s a lot to talk about back here, so let’s go ahead and dive into all the technology and features that you’re going to get with this new QX80. Now that I’ve hopped back into the rear seat area, let’s go ahead and dive into all the features that you’re going to get back here.

Spoiler alert, it is going to be a lot. Like I said, compared to our previous review, we actually do have the full specifications now. I can tell you that the legroom is going to be about 36 or 37 inches of legroom, about 36 inches of headroom.

Those are not going to be class-leading figures. However, for someone who is 5’9 like myself, this seat is actually slid all the way back in its tracks. You can see that we do have a decent amount of space. It’s not going to be massive, but it’s perfectly fine for adults to sit back here. You do also have plenty of room for your feet to slide up underneath the seat.

Rear Seat Features

Speaking of the seat and sliding, you’re probably like, “Well, you know, how does the seat slide?” It’s actually going to be a power adjusting seat. So if I crack open the door here, you will notice that we actually have controls integrated here on the side.

That’s standard equipment on all but the very base QX80. Super happy to see that as a standard feature on almost all versions of this model. The power adjusting seat, that’s really bougie. That’s something that the Escalade does not have as an available feature, so I like that a lot.

Speaking of the seats themselves, you will notice that we also have the captain’s chair setup, as equipped today. That’s actually standard equipment on all QX80s this year. The thing I want to point out is that is the only way you can get the autograph.

So the autograph is going to have less seating, but you can option on a bench seat to the other three trim levels if you need that extra seat. Now, the reason that you have less seating is because they actually have included a nice center console. It’s nicely leather-wrapped, leather on the top part.

If we pop that open, you will notice quite a lot of storage. It’s full of trash and water bottles today. You also have this nice little screen. The screen actually will adjust all of your functions in the rear. You can adjust your climate right through here. Additionally, you can turn on your heated and ventilated seats in this menu. There’s also redundant buttons up there. You adjust your seat, and you can also turn on your seat massage.

Seat Massage and Rear Climate Control

The thing I want to point out about the seat massage is that it is included on just the autograph version. Yeah, you heard me right. We do have rear seat massage. That’s something you also can’t get on the Escalade.

You can adjust things like your intensity and speed, and it’s for both of the rear seats. So all four passengers in the main cabin area will have massaging seats for the autograph trim level. In front of that, we have two cup holders, little storage cubbies integrated down below that.

As far as other features here in the center, you do have physical climate controls as well as physical buttons to turn on the heated and ventilated seats. Heated seats, by the way, are standard on all versions. Ventilated seats are also once again included on the Luxe trim level and above here in the rear. That’s another feature the Escalade does not have.

USB-C’s in the back, we also have a 12-volt outlet. I did notice there is no household outlet in this QX80. I thought that was a little bit interesting. So if you need to use a laptop or whatever, you may be a little screwed when it comes to powering that device.

Also missing on this model are rear window shades. So really none of the competitors include that either, but I would like to see rear window shades here. Up here at the top, we do have rear vents. We also have a nice assist handle there, some LED illumination that’s touch capacitive.

Third Row and Cargo Space

That’s pretty much going to wrap up what we have to talk about here in the second row. There’s a lot to talk about in the third row, so let’s go back there. In order to get back here, it is really simple. You just press this button. You have to press and hold, and once you do that, the seat will actually fully power get out of the way.

I am noticing compared to the BMW X7, this is a lot faster of a getting-out-of-the-way system. Taking a quick look at the third row itself, this is vastly improved over the previous version of the QX80. Let’s go ahead and head back here.

We also have full legroom figures as official specs from Infiniti. We’re sitting at about 33 inches of legroom. That’s a good amount of space. Like I said, I’m 5’9 and this seat is even slid all the way back. I still have a couple inches of additional space. My feet can slide up underneath the seat, and I also do have really good thigh support.

The thing I want to point out about these third-row seats is that we do have semi-aniline leather here on the autograph model. That’s the only version that’s going to get semi-aniline in the third row, but it’s really bougie to even have that as an available feature on any model.

Heated Third Row Seats

Also exclusive to just the autograph trim level is this button right here. You have two-stage heated third-row seats. That’s once again going to be a feature that the Escalade does not offer at the current point in time.

A few of the rivals do offer it, but most of them do not. So I’m happy to see that it’s autograph exclusive. We do also have adjustments to power recline the third row, so that makes it quite a lot more comfortable.

We also have USB ports integrated right there as well as vents. No third-row window sunshades. As far as how it lands on the car Confections third-row rating scale, I am going to say this is pretty much fit for a king. I’m very happy with the features that you’re going to see back here as well as the overall space.

Tailgate and Cargo Capacity

Now, walking up to the tailgate, we do have a fully hands-free power lift tailgate. Missing from our last review were the official cargo specs. We do have those now. We’re sitting at about 22 cubic feet of space behind the third row of seats, which is more than the previous generation by quite a substantial figure.

If we reach over here and power-fold those seats down, which we can do really easily, you just press that button right there. It’s a single press and they’re going to go ahead and fold down.

We’re going to have 59 cubic feet of space behind the second row of seats, and if we fold those seats down, we can also do that power with the touch of a button. We’re going to have a maximum of 101 cubic feet. So those are all improvements when it comes to cargo capacity compared to the previous generation QX80.

The thing I do want to point out, though, is that it’s not quite as good as Escalade. Still, some of the other rivals can still be larger, and there is not an extended wheelbase version of this vehicle, so this is going to be the only way you can get it. But I am happy to see that the numbers did improve this year.

I’m also happy to see that we do have those buttons to do the third row and second row just with a press of a button. One thing that’s different from something like a BMW X7 is the fact that the second row can actually fold completely flat despite having a fully power-adjusting seat. So definitely happy that Infiniti has just kind of prioritized the practicality of this model.

There are also buttons over here to adjust the air suspension up and down to make loading objects a little easier. We do also have a full-size spare tire integrated underneath the bumper.

Additionally, you’re going to have a power outlet on the side. But I’m sure you’re really curious as to what is powering this QX80, so let’s go ahead and discuss the powertrain for this all-new model.


All right, so I’ve popped the hood on this all-new QX80, and under there you may have already read that it is going to be a very different setup than what we had for the 2024 model year. As a matter of fact, we’ve lost two cylinders, but we also added the twin-turbo setup.

This is an all-new engine for Infiniti. It’s a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6. This is going to be making substantially more power than the previous generation QX80 at 450 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. So as far as horsepower, that’s going to be up 50 horsepower over the previous generation.

Actually, a little over 50 horsepower. As far as the torque improvement, that’s going to be over 100 pound-feet more torque. We’re very curious to see how that translates to overall performance out on the road. You’ll see that a little bit later on. But know that you have substantial power increases over that previous V8 that you got on this model.

We also do have a 9-speed automatic transmission on board. You have standard two-wheel drive or optional four-wheel drive. I do want to point out that four-wheel drive is standard equipment on the sensory and autograph models. So if you want two-wheel drive, you have to choose the two more basic trim levels of this model.

As far as fuel economy is concerned, that’s going to be coming in at an EPA estimated 17 miles per gallon combined with four-wheel drive, 18 miles per gallon combined with two-wheel drive.

Do note that that is only about a 1 MPG improvement over the previous generation of the QX80 with that V8. Maybe I would have liked that number to increase a little bit more, but do keep in mind you are getting that additional power.

Driving Impressions and Embargo

Now, I’d love to show you all this power and how this vehicle performs out on the road, but like I mentioned earlier on the inside, we are under an embargo for certain information about this QX80, and that embargo is until June 24th.

So go ahead and set your calendars and set your reminders because we will be showing you what this new QX80 is like out on the road on June 24th. Go ahead and get excited for that. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the overall performance of this vehicle. We just wanted to provide you this review with the updated specs as quickly as we possibly could.


As far as pricing is concerned, you can see the full lineup of prices on the screen right now. But I do want to just go ahead and show you the window sticker on this model. This is the autograph. We’re starting at $109,900. We have the optional paint and destination.

We’re sitting at $2,590 for this fully loaded autograph model. So a pretty pricey vehicle, but overall it is going to be a good value for what you’re getting in terms of luxury and technology for this new model.


Now, if you’re looking to buy an Infiniti QX80 or any new vehicle, we would encourage you to go to The reason you do that is because we have a tool on our website that will connect you with local car dealers in your area to get you the best price.

It’s also going to give you access to invoice pricing information, which is a great tool for dealership negotiation. If you’d like to take advantage of that, the link is provided in our video description, and we also have a pinned comment at the top of this video.

Guys, that’s going to be where we leave off on this in-depth review of the all-new 2025 Infiniti QX80. Of course, stay tuned for the driving impressions that will be coming soon. Thank you so much for reading. By supporting, you helped us get invited out here to beautiful Napa, California, so we could be one of the first people to get hands-on with this new Infiniti QX80.

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