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Exclusive First Look: The 2026 Lexus ES – EV or Not?

It is hard to tell that the Lexus ES is among the class’s oldest vehicles. If you don’t know any better, you may get your hands on the latest versions as of 2018 and a new one is due out in 2025. This is all the information we have so far on the impending 2025 Lexus ES. However, it is minimal.

The next gen ES from Lexus will seem more sophisticated than the previous version when it debuts in 2025. The car will have a more modern look with revised headlights and a grill.

Some alterations have been made to the rear end, such as a new bumper and reworked tail lights. The updated 2025 ES’s grill and headlights are a fascinating fusion of sharp angles and rounded shapes. Headlights will be smaller and farther back in contrast to the bigger and more noticeable grill. A more aggressive and sportier look will characterize the reworked ES.

Revised tail lights and a redesigned rear bumper will be standard on the 2025 ES. In the near future, a softer bumper and larger, more pointed tail lights will be available.


The revised trunk elevates the ES’s aesthetic, giving it a more contemporary and high-end look. A 3.5 L V6 engine producing 302 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque powers the 2025 Lexus ES.

Power is delivered flawlessly by combining this engine with a state-of-the-art 8-speed automatic transmission. An exciting ride is born when all of these pieces work together flawlessly.

A 3.5 L V6 engine, reliable and easy to accelerate, is standard on all 2025 Lexus ES models. The fuel economy is projected by the EPA to be 22 City MPG and 33 Highway MPG for this engine.

All 2025 Lexus ES vehicles come standard with the 8-speed automatic transmission, which is renowned for its economy and seamless transitions between gears. If you’d rather use your hands to shift gears, the manual mode is an option.

The 2025 Lexus ES has a 6.7-second dash to 60 MPH. This makes the ES seem agile and rapid, which is remarkable for a high-end vehicle with 302 horsepower. The 3.5 L V6 engine is more than enough for most drivers.

The ES can effortlessly surpass slower vehicles and has no trouble navigating freeway merges thanks to its generous torque. The engine delivers exhilarating acceleration.

The EPA estimates that the standard ES250 achieves 22 City MPG and 32 Highway MPG. The EPA predicts that the more powerful ES350 will achieve 31 Highway MPG and 21 City MPG.

Standard on every 2025 Lexus ES are a set of alloy wheels measuring 17 inches in diameter. The ES350 F Sport features larger wheels with a diameter of 19 inches. You can rely on the high-quality tires that come standard on all models, regardless of the weather.

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