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All-New 2025 Toyota Camry: Is the BEST Camry Yet?

Hello readers, have you seen the latest Toyota Camry? It’s the 2025 model, and Toyota claims it’s the ninth generation of the Camry line. But is it truly all-new? Let’s take a closer look in this article.

Why review 2025 Toyota Camry? It’s because this is the most popular midsize sedan in the country. In the United States, they sold about 220,000 of them last year in 2023, and they sold 30,000 Camrys just last month. So, it’s a big deal. And when a car is a big deal, they usually don’t completely change it.

In this article, we’ll explore the design, space, and performance of the 2025 Toyota Camry. We’ll also compare it to its rivals to see how it stacks up in the market.

Engine & Performance

2025 Toyota Camry: Engine & Performance
2025 Toyota Camry: Engine & Performance

Here’s a breakdown of the engine setup in the 2025 Toyota Camry. Under the hood, you’ll find a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. Take a closer look, and you’ll notice some orange components, indicating higher voltage wiring.


This particular model we’re examining is a front-wheel-drive XS variant, which adds a touch of sportiness to the Camry lineup.

For those seeking extra traction, there’s also an all-wheel-drive option available. In terms of power, the Camry delivers around 225 horsepower, offering similar performance to its predecessors. However, when it comes to torque figures, Toyota remains tight-lipped.

The engine works in tandem with an electronically controlled CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and an electric motor. Additionally, the all-wheel-drive configuration utilizes a rear electric motor for improved handling and stability.

Despite the absence of torque figures, the Camry’s powertrain promises a smooth and efficient driving experience, blending gasoline and electric power seamlessly.

Interior Features and Space

2025 Toyota Camry: Interior Features and Space
2025 Toyota Camry: Interior Features and Space

In this latest iteration of the Toyota Camry, there are some intriguing updates worth noting. Despite being labeled as a 2025 model, it feels more like an incremental upgrade, reminiscent of an 8.1 version rather than a full-fledged 9.0 overhaul.

One notable aspect is the lack of changes in dimensions compared to its predecessor. The length, wheelbase, and anchor points for seats remain identical, translating to no significant improvements in interior space.

Whether it’s headroom, shoulder room, or trunk capacity, there’s no noticeable increase. Even with seats pulled all the way back, the roominess is practically unchanged.

Exterior Design and Features

2025 Toyota Camry: Exterior Design and Features
2025 Toyota Camry: Exterior Design and Features

Examining the exterior, there are subtle alterations in styling, particularly noticeable in the rear and front sections. However, the trunk space remains untouched, maintaining ample room for cargo.

Notably, the 2025 Camry showcases dual exhausts, albeit only on one side, a departure from previous models. Another notable absence is the TRD variant, known for its high-performance stance, which adds to the intrigue surrounding this iteration.

Despite its popularity, the TRD option is currently unavailable, leaving enthusiasts to wonder if it will make a return in the future.

Driving Dynamics and Engine Performance

2025 Toyota Camry: Driving Dynamics and Engine Performance
2025 Toyota Camry: Driving Dynamics and Engine Performance

Addressing concerns about the continuously variable transmission (CVT), it’s essential to acknowledge its significant improvements in driving dynamics.

Contrary to the stigma associated with CVT, the 2025 Camry demonstrates notable enhancements, providing a smoother and more engaging driving experience.

Under the hood lies a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, delivering around 225 horsepower. While torque figures remain undisclosed by Toyota, the integration of gasoline and electric power, along with the electronically controlled CVT, ensures a seamless and efficient performance.

Test Drive Experience

On a test drive, the Camry’s ride and handling impress. It’s known for its smoothness and comfort, staying true to Toyota’s reputation.

The steering is light and responsive, making it easy to maneuver confidently. Plus, the hybrid system adds to the experience, offering quiet electric operation and smooth transitions between power sources.

Though there’s some road noise, the cabin stays peaceful, making for an enjoyable drive.


The Camry competes with popular midsize sedans like the Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, Kia K5, and Nissan Altima.

Despite premium options such as the Acura TLX, Audi A4, and BMW 3 Series, the Camry shines for its affordability, efficiency, reliability, and resale value.

Its enduring popularity highlights Toyota’s reputation for making dependable cars that appeal to a wide range of drivers.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, the 2025 Toyota Camry continues to uphold its reputation as a dependable and practical choice in the midsize sedan segment.

While not a revolutionary leap forward, it refines its formula with subtle improvements and maintains its status as a perennial favorite among consumers.

As we eagerly anticipate future developments from Toyota, including the upcoming Corolla Cross and Tundra, we bid farewell to our first look at the latest Camry iteration, confident in its ability to meet the diverse needs of drivers worldwide.

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