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4Runner vs. Land Cruiser: Which Toyota SUV Should You Choose?

4Runner vs. Land Cruiser
4Runner vs. Land Cruiser

So, you’re eyeing a new Toyota SUV but can’t decide between the 4Runner and the Land Cruiser, huh? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Let’s take a joyride through the details together to find the perfect fit for your next adventure!

4Runner vs. Land Cruiser: Which Toyota SUV Should You Choose?

Feature2025 Toyota 4Runner2025 Toyota Land Cruiser
Wheelbase112.2 inches112.2 inches
Length194.9 inches193.8 inches
Height70.8 inches76.1 inches
Width77.8 inches77.9 inches
EngineTurbocharged 2.4L i-ForceTurbocharged 2.4L i-Force
Horsepower278 hp (non-hybrid)326 hp
326 hp (i-Force Max)
Torque317 lb-ft (non-hybrid)465 lb-ft
465 lb-ft (i-Force Max)
Transmission8-speed automatic8-speed automatic
Drive2WD/4WDFull-time 4WD
(locking center and rear
Off-road FeaturesActive Traction Control,Active Traction Control,
Multi-Terrain Select, CRAWLMulti-Terrain Select,
ControlCRAWL Control
Front SuspensionDouble-wishbone independentDouble-wishbone independent
Rear SuspensionMulti-link with coil springsMulti-link with coil springs
Ground ClearanceN/A8 inches
Towing Capacity6,000 lbs6,000 lbs
PricingSR5: Starting around $43,000Starting at $57,345
TRD Sport: Estimating at $46,000(Land Cruiser 1958)
TRD Sport Premium: Around $48,000(Range-topping First Edition
TRD Off-Road: Approximately $50,000starting closer to $76,345)
TRD Off-Road Premium: Estimated at $52,000Mid-level model: $63,345
4Runner vs. Land Cruiser: Which Toyota SUV Should You Choose?

So, Toyota probably sat down with their marketing team and said, “Hey, we’ve got this shiny new Land Cruiser, it’s a big deal, but we need to move a ton of them.” And the team’s like, “Alright, let’s make it more budget-friendly, more accessible.” That means folks walking into the dealership might think, “Hmm, dropping 80 or 90 grand on a car seems a bit steep. But hey, 55,000? That’s doable.”

Then they spot the 4Runner and go, “Well, that’s even cheaper. Maybe I’ll go for the $45,000 option.” So, it seems like Toyota’s strategy is to lower the 4Runner’s price to make room for the Land Cruiser in a more affordable bracket.

But here’s the hitch: they’ve made the Land Cruiser and the 4Runner too alike. They’re practically twins in terms of price, capability, and image. When you’re splashing out 55 grand on a ride, you want it to turn heads, right?


For me, the biggest issue is the fuel economy. The 4Runner with the 2.4 L engine gets 20/27 mpg, whereas the Land Cruiser gets 16/22. So if I were to buy one of these, I’d choose the 4Runner because I think fuel economy is a big deal.

Then there’s also the badge factor because the Land Cruiser has a much more illustrious heritage here in America than the 4Runner does.

I mean, the 4Runner, it was a popular SUV, but the Land Cruiser was the first car to drive to the South Pole, you know, it was the first car to explore the Australian outback. It has a much longer and more storied history than the 4Runner, which really is an offshoot of the truck.

4Runner vs. Land Cruiser Towing Capacity
4Runner vs. Land Cruiser Towing Capacity

And when you look at them side by side, especially with the round headlights and some of the similar styling cues, it might be confusing for some folks to figure out why they should spend $20,000 more on a Land Cruiser than on a 4Runner.

I think the new Land Cruiser might be a bit too similar to the 4Runner, and they’re banking on the idea that people want a larger Land Cruiser for a lower price. The result is that the two are too alike, making it confusing for many folks to decide which one to choose.

In the end, it boils down to personal preference. Do you prefer something a bit larger with slightly worse fuel economy but the prestigious Land Cruiser badge? Or do you prefer something slightly smaller with slightly better fuel economy but the 4Runner badge? It’s a tough decision.

Ultimately, the market will decide. Toyota will release them both, and if one outsells the other, they’ll focus more on the one that performs better.

And let’s not forget the new kid on the block: the Ford Bronco. It’s coming in hot, ready to take on the Jeep Wrangler.

So, if I were Toyota, I’d be scratching my head, wondering if I should’ve made the Land Cruiser more of a Wrangler rival to go toe-to-toe with the Bronco. But hey, only time will tell how this all plays out.

So, what’s your take on it, huh? Would you go for the Land Cruiser or stick with the trusty ol’ 4Runner? Let me know in the comments below!

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