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2026 Mazda Miata: The Bold New Design You Need to Know About

Hello everyone. In this post, we examine Mazda’s new model 2026 Mazda Miata EV. Our electric MX 5 Miata review cover what the next generation of the world’s most loved affordable sports car could feature & look like.

Want an affordable sports car? It’s the Mazda Miata. Want a small daily driver that’s reliable? Still Miata. How about a track day toy that can shame more powerful sports cars around the racetrack? Good ol’ Miata once again.

The eventual electrification of some of our favorite sports cars is likely going to be inevitable. Even if the Tesla Roadster has so far been the only somewhat viable solution to a convertible EV, there’s no doubt that the industry is moving in this direction. Mazda confirmed via Which Car that the upcoming Miata will have some sort of electric powertrain, likely a hybrid.

Major Updates for the 2026 Mazda Miata:

Major Updates for the 2026 Mazda Miata
Major Updates for the 2026 Mazda Miata
  1. Electrified Powertrain: For the first time, the Miata will feature an electrified powertrain. While Mazda hasn’t specified whether this will be a fully electric, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid system, the shift towards electrification is clear. The goal is to maintain the Miata’s lightweight and agile nature, potentially using smaller or advanced battery technologies to minimize weight.
  2. Design Enhancements: The new Miata will stay true to its sporty and minimalist design roots. Expect design elements inspired by Mazda’s Vision Study Concept, including sleek lines, a wraparound windshield, and prominent fenders. While some concept features, like butterfly doors, may not make it to production, the overall look will remain distinctly Miata.
  3. Interior Upgrades: Inside, the Miata will offer a more premium feel with upgraded materials, improved space, and an enhanced infotainment system. Features will likely include a fully customizable digital instrument cluster, larger infotainment screens, wireless charging, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A full suite of i-Activsense semi-autonomous safety assists will also be available.
  4. Performance and Handling: The Miata will continue to be known for its excellent driving dynamics. Despite the electrification, Mazda aims to keep the new Miata light and agile, delivering the same enjoyable driving experience that has made it a favorite among enthusiasts.

2026 Mazda Miata Price and Release Date

2026 Mazda Miata Price and Release Date
2026 Mazda Miata Price and Release Date

The next-gen Miata is expected to debut in summer 2025, with prices starting around $33,000. This pricing reflects the inclusion of advanced powertrain options and other enhancements.


Overall, the 2026 Mazda Miata aims to blend its famous driving dynamics with modern electrification, ensuring it remains a top choice for sports car fans in the years ahead.

Performance and Range

With a 0 to 60 miles per hour time of 6.2 seconds, it’s not a boring three-row SUV either. Mazda’s announcement of a massive investment into electrifying its range by 2030 is good news.

You can bet that there will be more hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and even electric vehicles with a Mazda badge on them. These will offer the typical Mazda attributes of sharp design, comfort and handling, and overall value for money.

Comparisons to Tesla

For reference, the Tesla Roadster is promising 620 miles of driving range on a single charge of its massive 200-kilowatt-hour battery pack. But then again, the Tesla Roadster was announced in 2017 and production delays to 2024 or beyond have most people unsure of the future of Tesla’s two-door sports car.

The price of the Tesla Roadster is expected to start around the 200,000 mark. The upcoming MG Cyberster two-door electric sports car could be a better bet around the 50,000 mark, but that’s still a lot of money for the gearhead looking to embrace the next generation of sporty and nimble EVs.

Potential Electric Miata

One of the popular candidates for the electrified treatment would of course be the very car that most people know Mazda for: the MX-5 Miata.

Will there ever be an electric Miata? A major part of the reason why the Mazda Miata has earned its place in the history books and hearts of enthusiasts is its lightweight.

These aren’t attributes usually associated with electric cars. EV batteries are heavy, especially when you factor in that an electric sports car won’t likely be driven in the most battery-efficient manner.

Solutions for Weight

It’s the main reason why they haven’t built electric sports cars in the same manner as previous sports car legends. However, there may be a fix with the Mazda MX-5 Miata EV. An electric sports car typically wouldn’t need a massive range to be enjoyable, so Mazda could choose to equip it with a smaller battery pack, thus bringing the weight down to manageable levels.

Solid-State Batteries

Mazda could also implement solid-state batteries in their EV lineup, which are considerably lighter than their traditional lithium-ion counterparts.

If that means the MX-5 EV won’t have the best electric driving range in the class, that may be an acceptable compromise if the result is nimble handling. Just as long as the electric Miata has better range than the Mazda MX-30 crossover, most people should be happy.

Miata’s Legacy and Future

The Mazda Miata is a sports car legend. The Miata has achieved legendary status by being affordable, fun to drive, and a great platform for people to build on.

In stock form, it’s a cheery daily driver for anyone wanting to learn the ropes at autocross events or track days. All a Miata really needs is nicer tires. Adding better suspension and power is optional but also fairly cheap.

There are even a few high horsepower Miata builds that have the potential to really blow the socks off more serious sports cars, showing that the platform can indeed handle a lot more performance.

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