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2025 Toyota Land Hopper: Specs, Performance, Price & Release Date

Toyota has been known to produce cars for every market, be it luxury, off-road, or just a regular sedan or SUV. Whatever niche you can think of, you’ll find a Toyota there. One of their most famous cars is the Land Cruiser series, which is all off-road with a touch of luxury.

Most recently, they unveiled the new models. In addition to that, Toyota has decided to reveal some sort of mini Land Cruiser, which they’re calling the Land Hopper. This is a pretty promising car with off-road capabilities and great style. However, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Today we’ll look at the 2025 Toyota Land Hopper to find out what this car is all about.

2025 Toyota Land Hopper: Specs, Performance, Price & Release Date
2025 Toyota Land Hopper: Specs, Performance, Price & Release Date

A Great Year for Toyota

2024 has been an impressive year for Toyota, marked by several exciting releases. Earlier this year, Toyota introduced the 250 series Land Cruiser, which re-entered the US market to much anticipation.


This model is also available in other regions under different names, such as the Land Cruiser PR in Europe and Australia.

Shortly after, Toyota teased the silhouette of a new compact off-roader, hinting at the expansion of the Land Cruiser family. Speculation quickly spread about this new variant, and now we know it will be called the Land Hopper.

What We Know So Far

The Land Hopper has been registered as a trademark with the Japanese patent office, indicating that it’s on its way. This new model will serve as the entry-level option in Toyota’s off-road lineup, offering an affordable yet capable vehicle for off-road enthusiasts.

Possible Names and Markets

While the name Land Hopper might be specific to Japan, it could be marketed under different names in other regions. For example, Toyota might revive the FJ Cruiser nameplate for the North American market or introduce a completely new name like Compact Cruiser.

Pricing and Design

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Land Hopper is its rumored pricing. It’s expected to start under $27,000, making it an affordable option for many.

The starting price is estimated to be between 3 million and 3.8 million yen, which translates to approximately $20,100 to $25,500.

Design-wise, the Land Hopper is expected to borrow styling cues from the 250 series Land Cruiser but in a more compact and utilitarian form. It may share dimensions with the Corolla Cross, positioning it as a direct competitor to other compact adventure SUVs like the Ford Bronco Sport.

Engine and Performance

Rumors suggest that the Land Hopper will use the gasoline and hybrid engine options from the Corolla Cross. There’s also speculation about a potential EV version, aligning with Toyota’s move towards electric vehicles. This would make the Land Hopper a versatile option, appealing to both traditional and eco-conscious buyers.

Release Date

Toyota is expected to reveal more details about the 2025 Land Hopper at the Japan Mobility Show, formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show, which will take place from October 26 to November 5, 2024. This event will likely be the platform where Toyota officially unveils the Land Hopper and confirms its specs and features.

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