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2025 Toyota Camry XSE vs. 2024 Honda Accord Touring: Detailed Comparison

What’s going on Readers? Even if you have never owned one, chances are you have at least been in a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.

These have long been two of the most popular family vehicles in America. And even though sedans have fallen below crossovers lately in sales figures, make no mistake, these two are immensely important models to each brand respectively.

Last year, Honda introduced an all-new version of the Accord, and Toyota is bringing out the all-new 2025 Camry to battle it right now. So which of these two new midsize sedans is going to come out on top? Let’s compare them to find out.

Feature2025 Toyota Camry XSE2024 Honda Accord Touring
Price (fully loaded)Around $40,000Around $40,000
Exterior DesignSporty, aggressive grillMature, sophisticated design
LightingPremium LED headlightsFull LED front lighting
Wheel Size19-inch alloy wheels19-inch alloy wheels
Two-Tone Paint OptionAvailableNot available
Interior Features10-way power-adjustable seats, leather upholstery, memory seating, heated and ventilated seats10-way power-adjustable seats, leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats
Digital Gauge ClusterAvailableAvailable
Head-Up DisplayAvailableAvailable
Steering Wheel FeaturesLeather-wrapped, heated (US market)Leather-wrapped, rain-sensing wipers
Interior StorageSpacious center consoleSpacious center console
Wireless ChargingAvailableAvailable
Rear Seat LegroomAdequateClass-leading
Rear Seat FeaturesRear seat shadesRear seat shades
Trunk SpaceEnormousEnormous
Power TrunkNot availableHands-free power trunk
Drive TrainsFour-cylinder engineTurbocharged 2.0-liter engine
Fuel EconomySlightly betterSlightly worse
PerformanceGood handling and ride qualityBetter handling and ride quality
Reliability & Resale ValueVery goodExcellent
2025 Toyota Camry XSE and the 2024 Honda Accord Touring Specs
2025 Toyota Camry XSE vs. 2024 Honda Accord Touring Price
2025 Toyota Camry XSE vs. 2024 Honda Accord Touring Price

Alright, so as always let’s start by quickly mentioning the pricing and equipment. Today we’ll be using the loaded models of both. So for the Accord, that will be the Touring. Honda doesn’t really do any option packages so the final price is just under $40,000 after destination.


Now for the all-new Camry, Toyota lets you have more control over what design and features you want. The top trim XSE starts out quite a bit less expensive, but after you add in the Premium Plus package, the fully loaded price is also right at $40,000.

By the way, if you want to get the best price from local dealerships and access to invoice pricing information for these two models or any vehicle, we have a tool on our website to do just that. It’s a great tool for shopping, so make sure you check the link in the description for more info.

If you’re new to our comparisons, we conduct them objectively. We have done our best to weigh the points awarded throughout in major and minor categories. And towards the end, we will revisit the price difference and go over a new thing we are adding to our comparisons: reliability and resell value information. But for now, let’s go ahead and get started with the exteriors.

Exterior & Design Comparison

Exterior & Design Comparison
Exterior & Design Comparison

Last year with the Accord redesign, Honda pre-radically changed the look. They took a big step from the sportier look to a more mature design with a simple grill up front.

Now the all-new Camry, on the other hand, stays with a sportier design, especially on the XSE. While not a huge departure from the outgoing generation, it has a wider and more aggressive grill that is finished in body color.

As far as lighting, XSE gets the premium arrangement with all elements being LED. The Accord also has completely LED front lighting, but the Camry is a more premium projector LED headlight versus a reflector on the Accord.

Heading to the side, the Camry actually remains almost exactly the same as the previous generation and is about 2 inches shorter than the Accord.

Exterior & Design Comparison
Exterior & Design Comparison

We’ll see if that impacts interior space later on in this comparison, but for now, know that both have 19-inch alloy wheels.

One exclusive feature for the Camry, though, is the option of having a two-tone paint scheme with a black roof. The same deal applies to the rear as well, with the Camry looking aggressive and the Accord going for a new mature and sophisticated design that many Hondas have recently been adopting.

Part of that look involves deleting exposed exhaust outlets on all trims, which the Camry does retain. Both of them have full LED tail lights.

Other Exterior Features

Now, heading on to some of the other features, both models have heated mirrors with blind spot monitoring. Let’s talk about the other important safety features.

Honda and Toyota both include their entire safety suites as standard equipment, so all models will have full-speed adaptive cruise control systems, auto high-beam headlights, lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking systems, and even traffic jam assists.

Alright, so that’s it for the exteriors, which means it’s now time to check out the more important cabins before we compare them out on the road.

Interior Comparison

First, walking up to the cars, both include smart entry systems, but only the Accord has remote start on the fob included free for life.

Once we actually reach the interiors, the designs and features have a lot of similarities and differences. Starting with the seats, both have black leather as equipped and have 10 ways of power adjustment. Only the Accord has memory seating, but both of them do have heating and ventilation at this price point.

Once inside, we can talk about the cabin materials as a whole. In this regard, both are good and about equal with soft-touch plastics and leatherette in all the commonly touched areas.

We will give partial credit to the Accord for having leather padding on the console in the Touring trim.

After starting up the vehicles, you’ll now find full digital gauge clusters on both sedans. Now that the Camry has added that for 2025.

Additionally, both have head-up displays so you don’t have to even take your eyes off the road. Coming back to the steering wheels, they are both leather-wrapped and manually adjusting, but only the Camry has heating in the US market. But the Accord fights back with rain-sensing wipers.

Interior Storage

2025 Toyota Camry XSE
2025 Toyota Camry XSE

Okay, so the next thing to talk about is interior storage. Honestly, the two are pretty much neck and neck, both having giant center consoles and plenty of storage upfront.

In that front storage, you can wirelessly charge your phones. Storage is excellent despite the fact that both models resist the trend to move to electronic shifters. And when in reverse, we have an important distinction: the Accord does not offer a 360° camera system like the one that the Camry has.

Other Interior Features

The next place to stop is the climate controls, where both sedans have dual-zone automatic functionality. And then we also have the audio systems. Let’s go ahead and hear a sample.

The Camry’s JBL is fine, but the Bose system on the Accord has the more detailed sound and bass from its additional three speakers.

And now that brings us to the display and infotainment. The redesigned Camry moved the screen to the top of the dash, allowing them to upsize it to the same 12.3 inches as the Accord has.

Critically, both sedans now support wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. But as far as software is concerned, the Accord’s is more robust since it has Google Apps built natively into the system. And wrapping up the front of the cabin, Toyota is the only one with Homelink universal remotes on the auto-dimming, and it also has a panoramic sunroof, which is something that is not offered on the Accord.

Back Seat Comfort Comparison

Now moving on to the back seats, both are very spacious, but since the Camry didn’t grow for this new generation, the Accord will maintain its legroom advantage of about 7%. Once in the back, there are some features to keep everyone comfortable, more so in the Honda.

Both have rear vents, fold-down armrests, and USB ports for charging, but only the Accord has heated back seats as well. Just like the rear seats, Accord’s extra length pays off in the trunks.

It has 16.7 cubic feet of capacity versus 15.1 cubic feet in the Camry, and both of the model seats can fold down.

Engine & Performance

Alrighty, that’s it for the interiors, but now let’s see if one of them has a big advantage out on the road. Now, when we look under the hoods, both of these two sedans are taking bold powertrain strategies.

On the Accord, all but the lowest two trims are exclusively hybrid, and on this 2025 Camry, every trim is a hybrid. Now, that is obviously going to impact the drive experiences, and we would say in a positive way.

Power figures are higher than what is expected in this class, with 204 horsepower from the Accord’s 2-liter hybrid system and about 12% more power from the Camry’s 2.5-liter hybrid system at 232 horsepower. The electric torque feels nice, getting both of them off the line and to 60 mph in under 7 seconds.

Final Verdict

Camry is very good it handles well and rides nicely but the Accord is simply better it has better handling better ride quality and better performance both engines are very refined but the Camry’s engine does have a little bit of vibration while the Accord is perfectly smooth so in this comparison the Accord definitely wins.

Regarding pricing, both models are similarly priced, but the Accord offers several advantages over the Camry. These include more interior space, enhanced ride and handling dynamics, convenient features like a hands-free power trunk and remote start on the fob, and additional safety features like dynamic guidelines for the backup camera.

Consequently, despite the Camry’s slight edge in fuel economy, the Accord’s comprehensive package makes it the superior choice in terms of value.

Lastly, considering reliability and resale value, the Accord holds a prestigious reputation for its exceptional reliability and strong resale value. While the Camry is also highly regarded in these areas, the Accord’s track record solidifies its position as the top contender.

In summary, the Accord emerges as the clear winner in this comparison, offering superior performance, features, and long-term value.

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